• “Our yardstick for every song was ‘Can you drive to it at night?’” - hmv.com talks to Bear’s Den

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  • 10 Cloverfield Lane, Zootropolis, Supergirl and more, it's this week's new DVDs at hmv...

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  • Now 94, Bear's Den and more choice compilations, it's this week's new albums at hmv...

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  • Back with a bang! We run the rule over Jason Bourne...

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  • Think you know your Dursleys from your Dumbledores? Then take hmv.com's Ultimate Harry Potter quiz...

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Watch the pulse-racing trailer for Ben Affleck's new thriller #TheAccountant: https://t.co/lGO39tyR1X pic.twitter.com/CLIRAAxypH

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Watch James McAvoy in the terrifying trailer for #MNightShyamalan's new thriller #Split: https://t.co/kw99shrVe3 pic.twitter.com/ZuZT1rHMQl

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There's a brand new trailer for Matthew McConaughey's civil war #FreeStateOfJones: https://t.co/OZ91YV7D0b pic.twitter.com/5bZOogIqrw

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