• hmv vinyl week: first exclusive vinyl editions unveiled...

    News - May 26, 2017

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  • The Beatles, The Amazons, Lil Yachty and more, it's this week's new releases at hmv...

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  • Hacksaw Ridge, Sing, Lion and more, it's this week's new DVDs at hmv...

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  • "There are a lot of questions thrown out without many answers..." - hmv.com talks to The Amazons

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  • Wonder Woman, The Mummy, Despicable Me 3 and more, hmv.com previews June's best movies...

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.@thecharlatans are back! Here's where to start with their music... https://t.co/T3WPXBHRRE pic.twitter.com/O8JqJjC9LB

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#OnThisDay 40 years ago Smokey and the Bandit was released in cinemas pic.twitter.com/aMmgj5Ghhg

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ICYMI: @BlackwaterConsp will be @hmvBelfast on 12th June! More info: https://t.co/OqoxAQDvYe #hmvLive pic.twitter.com/pMzZxCxs5o

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