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Vinyl Records: Join the Revolution

hmv vinyl week has landed and we've got amazing savings on selected LPs in-store and online. Plus, on Saturday 17th June we have exclusive coloured vinyl and an exlcuive vinyl sleeve available in-store only, while stocks last.  You can see the final line-up here


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Looking to add some new vinyl to your record collection?

On the first day of every month we pick a handful of new releases, vinyl reissues and other records available in-store and online, check out some of our most recent recommendations below!

Radiohead, U2 and Royal Blood are amongst our vinyl picks for the month of June...

OKNOTOK 1997-2017
OKNOTOK 1997-2017 Radiohead



Buy Vinyl Records 

A vinyl revival is gaining pace as more and more music fans are choosing to buy records in the vinyl format. In 2014, UK vinyl sales topped more than one million for the first time since 1996, and the numbers have been growing ever since. In fact, the vinyl record is the only physical music format that has consistently seen growth in sales over the last decade!

If you’re looking to buy vinyl records online, good news… you can now find a huge range of vinyl both in-store and online.


Vinyl Facts: What you need to know

Interested in vinyl? Here are five essential facts from the world of wax...


1. There is a difference in sound between coloured and black vinyl.

2. The first 12” recording was Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.

3. The first 33 rpm vinyl LP as we know them today was released in 1948.

4. What’s The Morning Story Glory by Oasis is the number one selling vinyl in the last 20 years.

5. The biggest known vinyl collection in the world is owned by a Brazilian man named Zero Freitas. He owns more than 5 million records.


What kind of turntable should you get?

Whether you just like the look and feel of records, or whether you care deeply about the sound quality, we've got a range of turntables in-store, with more coming soon!

If you’re looking to buy a record player, take a look below at some of the models we have in stock (ask in store for details)

Need a record player? Look what we now stock!

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