@hmvtweets asks: what would make your Christmas special? Here's what you said...

@hmvtweets asks: what would make your Christmas special? Here's what you said...

Joe Beard:
What would make my Christmas 2013 special, is helping out a charity over the Christmas period
and seeing everyone - who aren't as fortunate as others - go away with a smile
on their face. Just to put them in the festival spirit will go a long way to making me happy.

David Bates:
I thought hard and long about what would make my family's Christmas special. After some consideration and some careful pondering I thought I would love to watch a big pile of blockbuster films with my little boy William who was 10 And his sister . But with a heavy heart I can't do that this year, for after fighting a brave fight William lost his life back in April. So now there is just me and his 12 year old sister Alaina left to carry on with our Christmas tradition of big films and giggles washed down with chocys and nibbles If you could give me one gift that you could grant then let my Family have a big stash of films from hmv to brighten up our Christmas. Those fond memories of dear William will always be in his favourite films for ever and his love of Doctor Who, Iron Man, Thor and all the other super hero legends. Happy Christmas to all and may your Christmas dreams come true

Michael Warren:
What would make my Christmas special is being able to spend the day with my family, those I see all the time and those I don't see as much as I would like. Whether it's watching films, listening to music or just being able to sit and reminisce about the time we've spent together. It wouldn't be about presents or who spent this and who got that. Just being able to spend that one day a year with those closest to me is enough to make my christmas and make a memory i'll be able to look back on and smile about. You never know when it will be your last Christmas as a family so to make a Christmas that we'll all remember, That would be special to me.

Jack Pugh:
Spending time eating dinner with my family sharing stories and exchanging gifts! Tucking in to those roast potatoes and that gorgeous turkey, oh boy! Homecooked food is the best. But then eventually settling down to watch the doctor who Christmas special with the family! Then finally have Christmas tea and hopefully going to walk my dog and come home drink hot chocolate with the family. Then go up stairs, settle in bed turn on my PS4 and watch superhero movies all night! Now that would be an awesome Christmas. I'm also if course looking forward to watching citizen khan Christmas special, that is the icing on the Christmas cake :)

Adam Baxter:
What would make my Christmas special is waking up with my family opening presents, watching Christmas films while having a great time then eating a massive Christmas dinner with them all and finishing the day eating more pigs in blankets sitting on the edge of my seat watching the Doctor Who Christmas Special.