5 Seconds Of Summer live at hmv - Behind the scenes
5 Seconds Of Summer live at hmv - Behind the scenes

We're ready for you 5SOS...


hmvlive event space at 363 Oxford St. London before 5SOS and their army of fans arrive. The calm before the storm....

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Lucky purehmv members start to arrive


Priority access winners begin to take their place at the front of the stage...

I can not thank you enough, literally thank you so much, that was the best day ever!!! -@beautifullymuke

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Getting excited...the fans are in!


Lucky competition winners make their way to the event space, waiting for 5SOS to arrive...


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The crowd outside gets bigger and bigger...


Fans continue to gather outside hmv on Oxford St, singing and screaming with excitement. By god it's loud...

Show your face...Show your face

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They're here!!!


The boys pull up to hmv in style, travelling in 5SOS personalised taxis. They told us later on they were looking for a low-key arrival, they failed miserably...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh OMG!! We Love You 5SOS!!

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5SOS are ready for fans!


They've had their vocal warm up and now Luke, Ashton, Michael & Calum are ready for thier performance...

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5SOS LIVE at hmv Oxford St!!


The boys perform tracks from their debut album including hit singles 'Don't Stop' and 'She Looks So Perfect'...

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5SOS fans take over Oxford Street


Hoping for a glimpse of their idols from the 363 windows, 5SOS fans continue to dominate the pavement outside hmv...

"We Want 5SOS...We Want 5SOS!!"

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5SOS have left the building


They came, they played, they conquered!

Thank you so much for coming 5SOS and hopefully see you soon...

Bye Bye 5SOS, thanks for coming - hmv