Event FAQs - Bars & Melody


Can I take selfies with Bars & Melody?

Posed photographs with the artist(s) are not guaranteed and photography is at the discretion of the artist(s) management. Please speak with a member of event security regarding any restrictions on photography, as details differ from event to event.


Can I get an EP signed for a friend as well as myself?

Items to be signed may be limited to one per customer so that as many people as possible can meet the band. Please check with event security on the day.


Can I get my Bars & Melody merchandise/singles signed?

To gain access to the event you must have a copy of the EP 'Teen Spirit' with you for the band to sign. Should time permit the signing of other items is at the discretion of the band and their management.


Can I bring a parent/guardian with me?

Yes, but please note that they would not meet the band and may not be permitted access near the signing table.


Can I bring my friend?

Your friend will only be permitted to join the queue if they have a copy of the album with them for the band to sign. Fans are not permitted to reserve spaces in the queue.


I live a long way from the store. If I travel for the event am I guaranteed to meet the band?

Please refer to @hmvtweets on twitter for any event updates or changes before travelling. You cannot reserve copies of the album or a place in the queue in advance so you cannot be guaranteed access if travelling long distances.


Can I pre-order the album in advance to secure a place in the queue?

You can pre-order the album in advance from store, but this does not guarantee you a place in the queue. Once you have collected your pre-ordered album on the day you can join the queue.