March 12, 2014

Dark Souls II – What You Need To Know
by Tom
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Dark Souls II – What You Need To Know

Follow-up to Dark Souls and spiritual successor to Demon's Souls, Dark Souls II arrives in stores on Friday (March 14th). Here's what you need to know about the game…


So what’s the synopsis here?

Last time out, players were in the kingdom of Lordran, acting as a man who has been cursed and has chosen to make a pilgrimage. This time, the player, who is more customisable than ever, will take the role of a cursed undead character trying to find a cure for his curse, hurled into Dranglaec, a land full of souls who are there to help the undead maintain their humanity.


What's the gameplay like?

A lot sharper and crisper than previous instalments. Driven by a larger graphics engine, with more enemies and a much much bigger world, there's a lot more for players to get their teeth into.

This time out the game features fluid motion-capture animations, a seriously upgraded combat system and a vastly expanded suite of characters, as well as this, there are new weapons and a lot more opportunities for player progression.


Are there any new features?

A bunch. The developers have included a newly updated multiplayer system to enable online interaction and make sure that players can engage with others across the globe.

There is also a more powerful graphics engine and a wider range of reactions from enemies, giving the player less wiggle room to outsmart opponents.

Given this game is set in a brand new world, the promise of a much bigger landscape with more depth is also on the table.


Can I see the trailer?

Certainly, it's below for you…


Dark Souls II will be in stores from Friday (March 14th) and is priced at £42.99, with an hmv exclusive edition also available.


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