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Super Mario Odyssey: What You Need To Know
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Super Mario Odyssey: What You Need To Know

For many Switch owners, the arrival of a new game starring Mario is the moment they've been waiting for since Nintendo launched their new console earlier this year; that moment arrived this weekend when Super Mario Odyssey landed on the shelves in stores on Friday.

Does it live up to the hype? Here's everything you need to know...


So what's the synopsis here?

In the vein of earlier Super Mario games, our moustachioed hero is once again on a mission to rescue Princess Peach – this time from the clutches of Bowser, who plans to marry the princess. Setting off on a globe-trotting adventure to put a stop to Bowser's plans, Mario must explore and navigate a whole host of weird and wonderful lands on his ship, the cap-shaped Odyssey, accompanied by his new friend Cappy, a friendly spirit who possesses Mario's hat and allows him to take control of other characters and objects throughout the game.


What's the gameplay like?

For the most part, Super Mario Odyssey plays out as a third-person, 3D platformer much like earlier games such as Super Mario Galaxy, however there are some areas known as flat zones in which the action reverts to the 2D type featured in the very early Super Mario games, offering the best of both worlds for Mario fans of all ages.

As Mario you'll be travelling to all sorts of different worlds or 'kingdoms', collecting coins and 'power moons' as you go. Each world offers a different environment from cities to whole worlds that look like something from a Lewis Carrol novel, each offering their own kind of fun, adventures and, of course, bosses to defeat.

Your new friend Cappy will prove invaluable in various ways; as well as being able to use Mario's red cap as a temporary platform to help you navigate large gaps and jumps, Cappy also gives you the ability to possess and take control of pretty much any creature – provided they are not already wearing a hat. In fact, most of the game's villains – even the old favourites from Mario games of old – appear wearing some sort of headgear which, in many cases, you'll need to dislodge in order to find their weakness.

Any new features?

With the exception of Cappy and all the new abilities he affords, Nintendo haven't actually done all that much to change the way Super Mario Odyssey plays out, but the additions they have made are all squarely aimed at increasing the amount of fun you have. Bored of your outfit? No problem; head over to the Crazy Cap Shop where you can use coins to buy yourself a new one. Whether you fancy dressing in construction worker overalls or a doctor's lab coat, every incarnation of Mario in pretty much every previous game you could think of is available for you if you fancy a little dress-up.

There's also a 'snapshot' mode that allows you to freeze time at any point in the game and take a photo of your surroundings, which you can then upload and share; basically Instagram for the Mario universe.

The power moons introduced here are essentially a replacement for the power stars you'd find in Super Mario Galaxy, but there are literally hundreds of them and you can collect them in any order you like, leaving you free to roam and have your own adventure in your own time. Everything here is geared towards fun, and you'll be having plenty of it.


Can I see a trailer?

Of course, check out the one below...


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What You Need To Know

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What You Need To Know