March 12, 2014

TitanFall – What You Need To Know
by Tom
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TitanFall – What You Need To Know

TitanFall, perhaps 2014's most anticipated game arrives in stores on Friday (March 14th) and we've put together a quick guide to the battle-hardening blast-em-up, it's going to be titanic…


So what’s the synopsis here?

Players are dropped into the near future and marooned on distant frontier, which has been ripped apart by a bloody war.

Pitching up right in the middle of a conflict between the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation and the Militia, players are given the option of either fighting on foot as free-running ''pilots'' or taking their place inside great machines known as Titans, once inside they then battle to complete team-based challenges.


What's the gameplay like?

It's intense and rapid fire, with features including parkour-style wall running, massive double jumps and even the ability to hijack titans.

Players will also have the freedom to shift back and forth between pilot and titan and can change tactics quickly, making them able to respond to any situation or attack. On offer are 15 maps, 33 weapons and split screen support for online multiplayer.


So how does it work?

At the start of every game, up to 12 players choose their pilot types and are dropped on the map, beginning the game. Once this happens, a timer displays the time until a Titan can be deployed, a time which can be reduced by killing other players.

Once brought into action, Titans are protected by a forcefield for about 30 seconds, which protects the player-pilot too.

There a few types of Titans within the game, each with their own unique abilities including the vortex blocker, which blocks and returns enemy ammunition in midair, and electrified smoke, which hurts and repels pilots clambouring on a Titan's back.

Pilots themselves can wield a Smart Pistol, which shoots around corners and a number of other deadly weapons.

As the game progresses, players can eject their pilots from Titans that take too much damage, and the Titan replacement timer is reset upon the Titan's death. As well as this, Titans have the ability to act autonomously when put in guard and follow modes.

Games will always be brought to a close with a race to the losing team's evacuation dropship, which ends proceedings.


Can I see the trailer?

Naturally, it's below for you.


TitanFall will be in stores from Friday (March 14th) priced at £49.99. The game is available exclusively for Xbox One and PC. It will be released on  XBOX 360 on March 28th. 

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TitanFall Trailer

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