April 11, 2014

"'A Billion Girls' is an anthem for the love struck" – hmv.com talks to Elyar Fox
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"'A Billion Girls' is an anthem for the love struck" – hmv.com talks to Elyar Fox

18-year old cheeky chappie Elyar Fox might only be two singles into his career, but he's already scored a top five single and gained millions of YouTube hits. We called him up to find out about his plans for his debut album and why fans keep sending him pizza…


How's 2014 been for you so far?

"2014's been everything for me. It feels like the start of everything, as well as releasing my debut single, I've started touring, building my fanbase, getting out there, it's been amazing."


You spent most of 2013 working on your debut album, has it been nice to get out there and play live?

"Definitely. I love writing and recording, but I love performing too. It's great to be able to do both. Half the time you're out touring you wish you were back in the studio, half the time you're in the studio, you want to be out there playing to people. Just how it goes."


Your new single 'A Billion Girls' is out on Monday; tell us about how that song came about…

"I wanted to write a really tongue in cheek song, it's fun, it's an anthem for the love struck. I hope it makes girls feel good and they think it's about them."


When was it written? Did you write it on your own?

"I wrote it with a writer called Karen Poole, who's done lots of stuff with Lily Allen and Kylie Minogue. I wanted to write something with lots of guitar, a real party vibe, there are lots of party songs on the album so I wanted to reflect that."


The video looks like it was fun to shoot…

"Yeah man it was so much fun, we got to go out to Los Angeles, it was basically a free holiday. I managed to get the line 'London to L.A in the song', so that helped pick the location. I got to work with Nigel Dick, who I kept winding up by calling him 'Dick' all the time."

"He was great to work with though, he's done so many iconic videos, like Oasis' 'Wonderwall' and ' ...Baby One More Time' by Britney Spears. He was great to work with. The whole thing was really cool."


So where are you at with the album? Is it done and ready to go?

"Yeah it's done, I'm so excited to be able to get it out there. It'll be out in the summer and I'm really confident that everyone's going to love it. I'm struggling to accept it's finished, I keep writing songs and thinking 'That would be great for the album', just have to let it go."


Have you got a title for it yet?

"Yeah but it's a secret. It'll be announced in the next month or so."


Can you give us a hint?

"It's the title of a song that I haven't released yet, some people might guess it from that."


You've worked with some big name songwriters, guys like Wayne Hector (writer for One Direction, Nicki Minaj and more) and Dr Luke (the man behind Katy Perry and Ke$ha's biggest hits), what were they like?

"It was amazing. I loved working with Wayne Hector; I'm such a big fan of what he does. I was a little bit star struck with some of the writers my label got me sessions with."


How would you describe the sound? Do the singles you've released so far sum it up?

"There's a lot more on the record. 'Do It All Over Again' is the party side of it and 'A Billion Girls' is the more energetic side of things, there's some more acoustic stuff on there and some pretty personal tracks too. It's a really cool album."


What kind of album is it lyrically?

"It's a personal album. It's not a political album, I'm a teenager, I've been writing since I was 16 and I've grown in that time. It's relatable and super personal, the odd sad song, but it's a good, all-round record."


You've already got a big, passionate fanbase, have you had any crazy experiences?

"Yeah, the foxes are great, it's one big family. A few crazy stories, the occasional fan will try to break into my cab, or leave things on my doorstep."


What do people leave on your doorstep?

"Pizza. People order me a lot of pizza."


Have you ever had to sign anything odd? Body parts?

"People always give me strange things to sign, a lot of body parts."


Do you feel like your life has changed?

"Not really. I get recognised a lot more, which I love. I like being out on the road and out meeting people."


Finally, you're supporting McBusted later in the year, how excited are you about that?

"So. Excited. I was a huge fan of Busted growing up so I can't wait to play with them."

Elyar Fox will be performing a live acoustic and signing copies of his new single 'A Billion Girls' at:

hmv Reading - Monday 14th April - 12.30pm

hmv Newcastle - Tuesday 15th April - 12.30pm

hmv Glasgow Buchanan - Wednesday 16th April - 12.30pm

hmv Manchester - Thursday 17th April - 12.30pm

You can find more details about the signings here.


You can also pre-order 'A Billion Girls' from our download store by clicking here. 


Elyar Fox - A Billion Girls (Official Video)

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