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"Embrace your uniqueness and be confident" - talks to Lion Babe
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"Embrace your uniqueness and be confident" - talks to Lion Babe

Soul pop duo Lion Babe, who consist of singer Jillian Hervey and multi-instrumentalist Lucas Goodman have been turning heads since they released their slinky single ‘Treat Me Like Fire’ back in 2012. After a long gestation their debut album Begin is out today (you can preview and purchase it on the right-hand side of the page) and we chatted with them about how it came together, working with Pharrell Williams and their plans to take it out live…


Begin is finally out today! Are you feeling excited or nervous?

Lucas: “We’re just excited really. We complete a while ago and we’ve been waiting to share it with people, we just hope they like it.”


You've been putting the album together for quite a while, do some of the songs date back to right at the start of your career?

Jillian: "We've been working on our album as long as we've been together as Lion Babe, so 'Treat Me Like Fire' is definitely the oldest one on there. There'a few from our older EP, tracks like 'Jump Hi', then there's the track that we worked on as soon as we started working with other people. We'd work on the songs and then sit on them for a little bit, then work on them some more, it was a slow cooking process."

Lucas: "We wanted to make sure anyone who hasn't heard us gets the full scope of our career."


You worked with Pharrell Williams on the album, how did that come about?

Lucas: "Pharrell was someone we'd grown up on, he's one of our idols so we were so happy when he asked us to open for him and we got to talking about new music. It was an incredible experience, he's really cool, but he throws you in the deep end."

Jillian: "It was intimidating working with him, but we knew he liked us and wanted to work with us, so it was a nice challenge. When you know you've got time with him you're going to push yourself that much harder."


What's the song on this album that took the most work to get right?

Lucas: "I'd say 'Where Do We Go', that took some time to come together..."

Jillian: "When we started that song it had a very different vibe, so it took some time to make it our own again."


What kind of album is this lyrically? Does it have a theme that ties it all together? 

Jillian: "There's not a theme as such, but it mirrors our time entering the music industry and being out there. We wanted to send out positive messges and make an uplifting album. Embrace your uniqueness and be confident. We didn't have a specific goal with the words, but those were the themes that came out." 


When did you settle on the title of Begin?

Jillian: "It was there at the end, we didn't think about it too much, we waited until we had a record we liked. We picked it in the final week and we had a conversation about it and it made the sense. You know the right title when you get it, it connects our whole journey, although we have been at it for a bit, this is the beginning of Lion Babe."

Lucas: "We've gone through a journey to make the record and now it allows us to begin something new."


What are your plans to take the record out live?

Lucas: "We're still figuring it out a bit, but we'll be in London in June to play KOKO, we're getting US stuff and fetivals together now."



Lion Babe’s debut album Begin is out now.


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