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“Every song is its own story and has its own rhythm” – Jess Glynne opens up about her debut album
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“Every song is its own story and has its own rhythm” – Jess Glynne opens up about her debut album

She’s best known for her hook-ups with Clean Bandit and Route 94, but she’s now ready to step out on her own. As she prepares to release her debut album later this year, we chat to Jess Glynne about working with Emeli Sande and how Lauryn Hill and Amy Winehouse inspire her lyrics...


How has 2015 been for you so far?

“It’s been a pretty mad one so far, it’s been amazing, but insane. A year ago I was pretty much nothing, now I’m crazy busy and about to release my album.”


When will the album be coming out?

“It’ll be out in June, pre-order will be out soon, it’s just being mixed now. I can’t tell you the title yet.”



Have you got any guests on the album?

“It’s just me, well there’s one collaboration I’ve done with Emeli Sande, but I haven’t really got anyone else. I’ve done a lot of features and I wanted my album to introduce me as an artist.”


You’ve come up through collaborations, so you must be keen to show off what you can do on your own…

“It’s weird. I was signed just for my stuff and all the features came after that, it’s been a strange entry into the music industry. But I’m very grateful and I now get the chance to move into me, to show what I can do.”


What about producers? Who’s on the record with you?

“The majority of the production has been done by this gig called Knox Brown. We worked together over a year ago, but we got in the studio and I felt completely at home with him. I’ve worked with quite a few people, but he’s easily the one I’ve enjoyed working with the most. Starsmith has done a few tracks on there too, but it's mainly Knox."



Did you do it all in London?

“I went over to America for some sessions, but everything that’s on the album was done in UK. I recorded it very sporadically, I had to balance it with promo and touring, I’d have chunks of time in the studio and then have to leave it.”


Next time you’ll want to head off into the countryside and just get it done…

“I’ll definitely do it differently next time. I want to take some time and go in and do it. Block out some time and go away.”


Given it’s your debut album, are there any songs that have followed you around for years?

“Not really, all within the last three or four years, I’ve grown so much in that time too, the growth from ‘Home’ to now is just amazing.”


What kind of album is it lyrically?

“It’s an introduction to me and my life. People haven’t really got to know me yet and I want them to. Every song is its own story and has its own rhythm, it’s a very diverse album. I want people to listen to it and get excited by each track."



How do lyrics come to you?

“I have ideas all the time, if I hear a beat or something that inspires they turn into songs.”


Are there any lyricists you really look to for inspiration?

“Lauryn Hill is one of my favourite lyricists. She really inspired me to write. Her and Amy Winehouse are writers I really look to.”


They’re two writers who really put everything out and get very personal, is that your way too?

“I’ve taken a different path. I don’t like to go too into my personal life, my barriers come a little sooner than theirs. It might change over time, we all grow don’t we?”


What are your plans for taking the record out live?

“I’ve got a lot of festivals and I’m definitely going to do a tour in the autumn. I can’t wait.”


Jess Glynne’s debut album will be released later this year. Her new single 'Hold My Hand' is released on Sunday (March 22nd). You can check out her early singles here in our digital store.

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