April 2, 2014

"I don't think people will expect to hear what kind of album I make" – hmv.com talks to John Martin
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"I don't think people will expect to hear what kind of album I make" – hmv.com talks to John Martin

Best known for his turn as the vocalist on Swedish House Mafia's huge hit 'Don't You Worry Child', John Martin is now gearing up to launch his own career with a debut album due later this year. We checked in with him to find out how things are going…


So what have you been up to so far this year?

"I've been getting myself ready for the first of my album. I'm doing promotion, all around Europe, next week I'm off to Australia, so busy. I'm also putting together my band for the shows, so lots of things to do."


Is the album finished?

"All the songs are written. We're just working on production. Most of them are recorded, we just need to go back and fine-tune things. We're going to continue with that until the very last minute. I know what I want it to sound like."


Who have you been writing with?

"All the songs have been written by me and Michel Zitron, my producer. We invited a few friends to help out here and there. There a few unexpected collaborations on there too. I don't think people will expect to hear what kind of album I make."


Can you tell us any of your collaborators?

"No. It's a secret for a little while longer."


Obviously most people will know you from your work with Swedish House Mafia; do you think they'll be surprised by the music you make on your own?

"It's my voice. The songs we wrote for Swedish House Mafia are still my words, the production is very different, but they're still emotional songs with big, loud melodies. Different, but still with the same feeling."


How have the experiences you've had in the last couple of years changed how you've written songs?

"Yes, it's been the best thing to come from this whole journey. I've been able to perform to hundreds of thousands of people across the world, I know how to perform to them, they are experiences I couldn't have had walking around my block in Stockholm. I've met and worked with so many great people."


How have you found playing with a live band?

"We've done a couple of shows with the band and the response has been really good. It felt fantastic, the songs come to life and it works in that format really well."


What kind of album is it lyrically? Is it a very personal album?

"Some songs are very personal, some are more leaning towards themes about society, especially the pressure that comes from social media. There's a way of living without these things, we need to remind ourselves that it worked really well without them."


So ideally when will the album come out?

"Between September and Christmas. There will be another song in the summer and there are more live dates to be confirmed. That's what I'm going to do. Touring and finishing the album."


John Martin's debut album will be released later this year. You can buy his new single 'Anywhere For You' from our download store now.

John Martin - Anywhere For You

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