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"I feel like a new person, I wanted this album to reflect that" - talks to Ronan Keating
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"I feel like a new person, I wanted this album to reflect that" - talks to Ronan Keating

As he releases his new album Time Of My Life, we sat down for a chat with Ronan Keating to find out about making the LP, why this is his most honest album yet and his plans for Boyzone and a movie career...


When did you start work on the songs for Time Of My Life?

"It was pretty much through the whole of last year. It’s the longest I’ve ever spent making a record so it was a real pleasure to have the time to write and record without the pressure of having to rush to meet a particular deadline."


How many songs did you end up record for the album?

“We pretty much recorded just what you have on the album, but there were lots of songs that we went through prior to recording."


How did you want this album to move on from Fires?

"A lot has happened in my life since the Fires album. I feel like a new person in many ways since then so I wanted this album to reflect that. To be a fresh sound and a fresh new start for what feels like, a new chapter for me.”


What kind of album is this lyrically? Does it have a unifying theme?

"I guess honesty is the unifying theme in anything. The lyrics and the songs definitely come from the heart.”


You’ve described the album as an uplifting listen, is that something you set out to create? Or is that just how the songs came together?

“For sure. I’m in a great place in my life just now so this was always going to be a positive uplifting record.”


Why did you decide on Time Of My Life as the album’s title? Were there any other titles in contention?

“There were a couple of other ideas floating around for a while but ‘Time Of My Life’ says it all really. I honestly feel that i’m having the time of my life just now.”


What are your plans to take the album out live?

“UK and Ireland tour dates go on sale this week so I can’t want to play these new songs live. We’ve done a couple of stripped down acoustic radio shows just recently and there were some beautiful moments that i’ll definitely bring to the live shows.”


Is 2016 going to be a year just for your solo career? Or are there any plans for Boyzone at all?

"This year will be full on with the new solo album and I’ll also be heading down to Australia where I’ll be a coach on The Voice. I’ll also be appearing in a new movie Another Mother’s Son that we shot at the end of last year."

“The other guys all have things going on just now But before you know it we will be looking at 25 years of Boyzone, so who knows…”


Ronan Keating's new album Time Of My Life is out now. He will meet fans and sign copies of the album today (February 12th) in two hmv stores. Click here for more details. 

Time Of My Life
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