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" I have reinvented myself and started a new chapter in my career" - talks to Martin Solveig
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" I have reinvented myself and started a new chapter in my career" - talks to Martin Solveig

We chat to superstar DJ Martin Solveig, currently riding high on the back of hit singles 'Intoxicated' and '+1', about his move away from making albums, working with Madonna, his busy summer in Ibiza and his dream collaborator...


How has 2015 been for you so far? What have you been up to?

"2015 has definitely been the year when I have reinvented myself and started a new chapter in my career. It has come with the release of new music and a global approach to everything I do. I now work on every level of my project starting with the music and then the visuals and videos. I am trying to make things very personal and to connect all the dots in the best way I can."


You had a couple of singles out, are you working towards and album?

"I have released five albums in my life and I’m not entirely obsessed with the idea of releasing a sixth. I am focussed on this new musical project and I want to tell a story from start to end. This might eventually end with the release of an LP, that will regroup all the music and everything I’ve done, but I really want to take people on a journey from the first record to the last so I’m not going to release 15 tracks all at once and say ‘’this is it’’. I’m kind of working the other way round."



Have you been pleased with the reaction to ‘Intoxicated’ and ‘+1’?

"The reaction on ‘Intoxicated’ and ‘+1’ has been way above my expectations, especially on ‘Intoxicated’, which I only considered a little club track that I was going to release to initiate things. Its already done top 10’s in big territories such as Germany, France and Holland, and its about to be released in the UK, so I’m very excited about that. I’m also happy there is a nice continuity with +1 and I have more tracks like these on the way."


It’s been four years since your last album, why have you left such a long gap?

"So again in regards to the album...I think the album form is not very relevant for my music right now.  So I’m interested in working things a little bit differently and am I’m planning to come up with a new track every two or three months."


You’ve collaborated with some big artists during your career, who have you enjoyed working with the most?

"Obviously my biggest collaborator has been with Madonna, it was truly a life changing experience. She is a legend and it was honestly a dream come true."



Who is your dream collaborator?

"My dream collaborator right now is Shamir, a very young singer from the US with a great voice. He’s very much on the indie side and I feel there could be a very interesting artistic connection between us."


What’s been your favourite track so far this year?

"The track of the year so far has been ‘Lean On’ by Major Laser, because it’s different and ultimately a very good song, and nowadays we’re missing good songs. I also should say that I’m really enjoying the Jamie XX album, especially the song ‘Loud Places’, which is probably my favourite song of the year."


You’ve been in Ibiza a lot over the summer, how’s the season been for you?

"For the first time in my career I have had the chance to do exactly what I want. In Ibiza I’ve had the chance to work on my own weekly residency at Pasha called ‘My House’. Every aspect of the party from the visuals, to the dancers and obviously the music, have worked and it’s doing amazingly well. I have to also really thank all my friends who encouraged me to do it. It’s always a little bit risky, a first season residency in Ibiza, but it’s been great and we’ve just recently added Mark Ronson to be the guest on 12th August alongside myself and Diplo. It’s going to be a very very big party I’m sure!"



You’ve got a lot of big shows coming up this summer, but nothing in the UK, when will we see you back here again?

"I don’t have shows in the UK planned right now, but I’m pretty sure this is going to change in the near future. Actually, there is no excuse really, it’s a two-hour train journey. I will get this fixed ASAP."


You can check out all Martin Solveig's recent singles here in our digital store. 'Intoxicated' will be released on August 14th. 

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