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"I wanted the project to be 10 scenes from a film" - talks to RedLight
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"I wanted the project to be 10 scenes from a film" - talks to RedLight

With his debut album X Colour now on shelves (and available to preview and purchase on the right-hand side of the page) we sat down for a chat with dance maestro RedLight to find out all about how it came to be...


When did you start work on X Colour?

"Last year really. I starting it by making a bunch of beats and then tried to find a way to pull them all together to make it all sound like a cohesive piece of work."


You’ve got a big list of featured vocalists? How did the collaborations all come about?

"I spent quite a lot of time going back and fourth to the US, New York especially, where I linked up with Andrea Martin, ASTR, Jenna Andrews and Prodigy of Mobb Deep. The album I made has a solid British sound, but i've always been very inspired by American RnB & Hip Hop, so it was important for me to be able to have elements of that sound running through X Colour."


Which singer would be your dream collaboration?

"Anyone who's down for creating something with someone fresh. You can work with a lot of singers but not everyone is up for collaborating to make something that reflects everyone’s vision, often just their own, so the first port of call for me is making sure you’re around artists who are open to that."


Which track on the album took the most work?

"'Threshold' and 'W.T.L' were the longest I’d say as I recorded live strings on both of them and it was a lot of work sorting out the vocals too!"


Which track on the album are you proudest of?

"I really like all of it as it definitely represents me as an artist, from rough and sharp beats on Gold Teeth and Lion Jungle, to full vocal tracks like ‘Repetition’ and ‘Threshold’. I’m proud of the whole project."


Where did the name X Colour come from?

"I wanted the project to be 10 scenes from a film, to reflect 10 different colours or moods, so it all stemmed from there."


You’ve got some big gigs coming up with two nights at Brixton Academy, what kind of show have you got planned?

"I’m just gonna go in there and do what I do, play brand new music from myself and my record label Lobster Boy, and most of the album, including some new remixes I’m making from it at the moment."


What’s in store for you in 2016? More touring? Festivals?

"I've got a Lobster Boy tour planned early 2016 with all the acts from the label and then festivals so far. Hopefully there’ll be another Redlight tour in the autumn too, but I'm also back in the studio finishing off my next project."


What’s been your favourite track this year?

"Mele - ‘Ambience’. Simple and effective!"

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