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“I wanted to make an empowering album, one with hope surrounding it” - talks to Foxes
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“I wanted to make an empowering album, one with hope surrounding it” - talks to Foxes

As she releases her second album All I Need (you can preview and purchase it on the right-hand side of the page), which features hit singles ‘Body Talk’ and ‘Better Love’, we sat down with Foxes (a.k.a Louisa Allen) to find out all about how the album came together…


Your album’s finally here! You must be delighted as it’s been delayed a couple of times…

“If it was up to me I’d have put it out as soon as I’d finished the last song on the album, but you have to wait for everyone to catch up. I’m just excited for everyone to hear it.”


How did making this album compare to making your debut LP Glorious?

“I learned a lot on the first album, which I’d been writing since I was 16. I wanted to have a refined idea, a whole body of work, rather than pieces of my life. I wrote it in four months, it was very natural and a lot more organised. It’s a step more in what I’m about.”


You’ve worked with some great people, Dan Smith from Bastille, Jim Eliot, who’s written some big hits for Ellie Goulding and Olly Murs...

“I toured with Bastille in Australia and we got on really well and wanted to work together. He’s a very busy guy, but we found some time to get in the studio and he was very fun to work with.”

“Jim I worked very closely with, I went to where he lived in Wales, you stay in this cabin in the middle of nowhere and he gave me a lot of freedom in how we worked. He was great to work with. We wrote ‘Body Talk’ and ‘If You Leave Me Now’ together. He had to deal with me being very emotional the whole time, but we got some songs out of it.”


You’ve worked with lots of different people on both your albums, can you see yourself every doing an album where you work with only one or two?

“For this album I did all the writing separately and then I took it to two people. I went to Mark Ralph for all the upbeat stuff on the record because I absolutely love what he did with Years & Years. I can see myself writing a much more stripped back album and I’m learning how and who I worked best with.”


Can you sum up the album lyrically? Is there a unifying theme?

“There’s a lot of honesty. It’s quite difficult to be honest, it’s like putting your diary into songs. I do think it’s a connected record, I wanted to make an empowering album, one with hope surrounding it, I wanted to portray a sense of self and inner strength, to show how to carry yourself through it.”


Who are some of your favourite lyricists? Who do you look up to?

“I adore Joni Mitchell, I love Patti Smith and Bob Dylan, lyricists who push boundaries. Fleetwood Mac too.”


What are your plans to take the record out live?

“I’ve got my big UK tour starting soon, which I really excited about, I’ve been spending a lot of time working on the show, I learnt a lot from touring with Pharrell and touring myself and it’s a whole new production, it’s going to be brilliant. I’m also working on my festivals for the summer now.”


Finally, people got introduced to you through your collaborations with Zedd and Rudimental, are there any more in the offing?

“I’ve definitely focused on my own music, but I did spend a lot of 2014 writing for other people. I do feel like I’m ready to get back in the studio with other people.”


Who would be your dream collaboration?

“I’d really like to work with Jamie Lidell, he’s such a great artist, everything he’s done is brilliant. I’d also like to work with Sia, she’s a brilliant songwriter. Calvin Harris too, I think he’s really made a name for himself with dance music and I’d love to work with him.”


Foxes’ new album All I Need is out now

All I Need
All I Need Foxes

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