March 28, 2014

"This album has a much sharper edge..." - talks to Tycho
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"This album has a much sharper edge..." - talks to Tycho

Mysterious electro experimentalist Tycho has just released his fourth studio album Awake and we caught up with him to find out all about the album's making, recording in a cabin and his plans for the rest of 2014. Above photo by Reuben Wu. 
Your new album Awake has just come out, how were you feeling ahead of release? Nervous or excited?

"We were so busy developing the new live show that I didn't have much time to think about the release. It was definitely nice to finally have it out in the world so people could hear it."

When did you finish the record? Have you been sat on it for a while?
"We finished it in late October if I recall. It's always kind of anticlimactic to wait out the months between completion and release when you just want to have people hear the record. We did get a chance to play some of the new songs out live before the release so that was nice."

When was the album written? Have you been writing for it for a couple of years?
"We started work on it in January of 2013 and handed it in around October. With some touring mixed in there all told we spent about eight months on the record."

What was recording like? Were you in the studio for a long time?

"We started out writing the record in a cabin up in the Tahoe area then brought it back to the studio in San Francisco to kind of massage things into place. Then we set up in a house outside of Santa Cruz to track drums and do some more writing. Finally we brought it back home and put on some finishing touches while recording more drums at Decibelle Studios in San Francisco."

How do you feel this record moves from Dive?
"I think it is an evolution on a number of fronts. The initial concept was to try and capture the energy and drive of the live show. I think the involvement of more people this time around brought some new perspective and made for a more diverse sound. I think all told it has a much sharper edge and is more efficient in terms of structure and arrangement."

You were in the studio with Zac Brown and Rory O’Connor this time around, what impact did they have on the record?
"They both had a really big impact. Zac and I worked a lot together writing the songs at the beginning. Rory came in once we had some more fleshed out concepts and really took things to another place. His effect on the arrangement and movement of the songs is huge."
Tell us about the artwork, why did you decide on that image for the cover?

"I wanted the artwork to reflect the new focus and stripped down nature of the music. I wanted it to be kind of an icon or a flag that encapsulated what this album meant to me and was sort of a statement on where the entire Tycho project is now and where it is headed. The extraneous elements have been stripped away but the core ideals remain."

What does the rest of 2014 look like for you? And when will we see you back in the UK?

"2014 is shaping up to be the year of touring. We get a short break in the summer when I'm going to revisit the visuals for the live show and add a lot of video content that I didn't have time to develop between completing the album and leaving for this tour."

Finally, what are you listening to at the moment? Are there any new artists that have caught your attention?

"I'm loving the new Gardens & Villa record and have been listening to Real Estate a lot too."
Tycho's new album Awake is out now and can be previewed by clicking on the icon on the right hand side of the page. 
Awake Tycho
Tycho - "Montana"

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