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"It's all about good vibes..." - talks to Sigma
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"It's all about good vibes..." - talks to Sigma

As they prepare to release their debut album Life (you can preview and purchase it on the right-hand side of the page), we sat down with dance duo to find out all about making of the album and working with the likes of Rita Ora, Ella Henderson and Paloma Faith...


When did you start work on what would become Life?

"We have subconsiecly been working on the album for about five years! We only really put a label on the album about two years ago though. We have always wanted to do an album but the timing has never been right. It feels like the right time now!"


You’ve worked with some high-profile vocalists, Paloma Faith, Rita Ora, Ella Henderson to name a handful, how did each of the collaborations come about?

"Luckily we don't have to approach vocalists ourselves these days! We always have a good idea who we want to vocal the tracks when we are making them. We then reach out to our management who then do the same to theirs and we get the ball rolling."

"Luckily we have had a good success rate with the people we have asked actually agreeing to do the tracks! And all of them have done us proud."


Who would be your dream collaboration?

"It would have to be someone like Pharrell or Kanye. This album focused on the UK mainly, so moving forward, it might be good to look over seas for some featuring artists. We also love Ludovico Einaudi, that would be interesting!"

Which song on the album took the most work to get right?

"All of the tracks that we recorded orchestras and choirs for took some time to get right . The more elements there are to a track, the harder it is to get the elements to sit correctly together. Out of all the tracks though, 'Glitterball' definitely took the most time. We had the track finished with another vocalist and it kinda feel through last minute. It was a blessing in disguise though! Ella smashed it!"

Can you sum the album up lyrically? Do you tend to leave lyrics to your collaborators?

"Lyrics are not our forte. We are getting better, but we love boing involved. We have had the opportunity to work with some of the best writers in the UK for this album. The likes of Wayne Hector, TMS, Ina Wroldsen, Fraser T Smith. The lyrics on the album are generally uplifting, it's all about good vibes!"


When did you settle on the the title of Life?

"Well, since the time we both decided to make music our full time thing, we have devoted our lives to it. We wake up thinking about music, go to bed thinking about music, it really is life. We love what we do and we are very proud that it is our life! We also have a record label called Life Recordings, so it just seemed right."


Were there any other titles in contention?

"Death... not really! it felt right when we first suggested it."


Finally, what have been your favourite tracks of the year?

"It's been a great year for music, but we have mostly been listening to the following: Drake - 'Hotline Bling', The Weeknd + Labrinth - 'Loosers', Krept and Konan - 'The Long Way Home EP', Ludovico Einaudi - 'Elements' and Major Lazer - 'Lean On'. 


Sigma's debut album Life is out now. 

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