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“It’s all been such a rollercoaster..." - talks to Andrea Faustini
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“It’s all been such a rollercoaster..." - talks to Andrea Faustini

As his debut album Kelly (which you can previww and purchase on the right-hand side of the page) hits CD shelves, we sat down with X-Factor finalist Andrea Faustini to find out all about making the album and his whirlwind year... 


Your debut album Kelly is out today, how are you feeling? Nervous or excited?

“I’m actually quite nervous, but I am excited. It’s my very first time with an album out so I have no idea what to expect.”


This must have all happened quite quickly because you only signed a record deal in February...

“It’s all been such a rollercoaster, all very, very quick. I had the X-Factor tour, then I signed my deal and then I went straight recording the album. No time to chill out!”


How long did the album take to make?

“It was about six weeks, very quick, not much time for anything.”


How did you decide what songs would go on the album?

“We starter choosing songs during the X-Factor tour and we ended up with about 30 songs. After we got home we sat down and decided which songs were going to go on the album, we had lots of different writers sending in songs. It was a lot to do.”


What was your process for deciding which songs you picked?

“I wanted to make sure that there was a little bit of everything. A real range. I wanted it to be a happy album, but full of emotion. It’s everything that’s inside of me, the whole of me.”


You’ve got Whitney Houston’s ‘I Didn’t Know My Own Strength’ which you performed on the X-Factor, did you always know you wanted that on the album?

“Oh yes, I was very sure about that. It was such an important moment of my journey on The X-Factor and such a massive moment for me it had to be on the album, I’m so happy with it too.”


What was the most difficult song to record on the album?

“There’s a song called ‘The River’ and that was very difficult to do. It took me a long time to get into it, I had to really get inside the song, to really find out all about it, but now it’s one of my favourite tracks on the album.”


How did you find the process of recording? You can’t be used to singing the same songs over and over again?

“It was strange. I’ve never really liked singing in the studio, I can’t get into the emotion. But I really enjoyed it this time, it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. It was a lovely studio too, I got looked after.”


How are you going to take the album out live? Are you going to tour?

“We haven’t got anything planned yet, but I’m looking forward to doing it live, it’s my favourite thing to do, I do hope we will tour soon. We’re waiting to say what happens with the album and then we will plan something.”


What kind of live show would you put on? Would you be looking at theatres? Arenas?

“I don’t think big arenas suit me very well. I like small places with a few people, I like to see people, to be able to look in their eyes, intimate situations.”


Finally, why did you settle on the name Kelly for the album?

“Well it’s one of the tracks and it’s a very emotional song and her story is crossed with mine. She’s a very strong person and she follows her dreams. I feel like the image of Kelly has been with me all my life.”


Was that the only one you ever considered?

“I was very sure. Once I had the song I knew that had to be the title.”


Andrea Faustini's debut album Kelly is out now in hmv stores and is available to purchase here in our online store. 

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