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“It’s going to be very different” – talks to You Me At Six about the follow-up to Cavalier Youth…
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“It’s going to be very different” – talks to You Me At Six about the follow-up to Cavalier Youth…

We caught up with You Me At Six sticksman Dan Flint before the band’s headline set at Slam Dunk Festival to talk about their brilliant year so far and their plans for the follow-up to Cavalier Youth


How’s 2015 been for You Me At Six?

“It’s not been as intense as previous years. We’ve had some time at home and I’ve been building a studio. We’ve been doing the boring bits, setting up record deals, sorting bits out. But we did find time to do the arenas with All Time Low and we’ve just come back from Australia. We’re all excited about the summer, we’ve got Isle Of Wight and then it’ll be straight into writing the new record.”


Normally summer is a busy time for you…

“Last year we hit the festivals pretty hard, did a lot of European ones, this year it’s just Slam Dunk and Isle Of Wight, it’s nice to have a break, you don’t want to be known as a band who goes back to the same festivals year after year.”


Your Slam Dunk sets were very focused around your debut album, was it fun to go back to those songs?

“Going back to playing a lot of the older songs was a lot of fun. But we do feel like a completely different band, Josh (Franceschi) would have been 15 when he wrote a lot of the lyrics, he’s 25 years old now, so he can’t relate to that. It’s a bit of nostalgia thing, but it’s fun.”


You’re all in a mid-20s, is it strange to be talking about nostalgia already?

“It is. This year is the 10 year anniversary of You Me At Six, but we want to keep going, we want it to kick start the next 10 years.”


Why go back and do Slam Dunk? Does it feel like you’ve left that world behind a little bit?

“That’s one of the reasons to do it now. We can end this cycle here and it’s a nice balance with Isle Of Wight. It’s a nod to where we’ve come from and a nod to the future, but this is the scene that built us.”


How are things looking for the next record? It feels like you’re in a much steadier place now…

“Yeah, we’re much happier now. We’re doing the next record with a guy called Korda Marshall (founder of Infectious Records) and I just think now that we’ve built our own studio we’re really excited to have a relaxing summer and enjoy not having any pressure. There’s still that hunger there, we’re doing very well in the UK, but we want that all over the world.”


Last time around it was a new record label and new management, will a steady path and a lack of turmoil affect the songwriting?

“Maybe! It’s just going to be very different, but we’re not sure how easy it will come out. There still have been changes in the camp on this campaign, but we’re getting older and writing and recording is fast becoming the thing we enjoy the most. Hearing a song being built from nothing to the finished article is the best feeling.”


You’ve done your last two records in America, will you do the next one in the UK?

“I don’t think we’ll go back to LA. Mostly you have to go where the producer is and a lot of them live in LA. But we would like to do an album over here, we’re all in the process of moving out and I think we’d like to stay home in the UK. But we would have to go somewhere else, we need to knuckle down and focus to make a record.”


Is there a deadline?

“There’s a decision to be made on that. We’re coming up to two years without new music and you can’t sit around for that long. We’re going to see how the summer goes.”


You Me At Six’s Cavalier Youth is out now and you can preview it on the right-hand side of the page. 

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