February 19, 2014

"It's great to have fresh perspective in the band" – hmv.com talks to Killswitch Engage
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"It's great to have fresh perspective in the band" – hmv.com talks to Killswitch Engage

A few weeks ago Killswitch Engage blazed through town with Trivium on a co-headline tour, before they hit the stage we sat down with guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz to talk about their weird 2014 touring plans, new material and why they've enjoyed having singer Jesse Leach, who rejoined in 2012, back in the band again after almost a decade.


You're just about to go out and headline Brixton Academy, how does it feel to be filling venues this size?

"Awesome. Much as it really doesn't matter to me what the size of the room is, I much prefer playing indoors to festivals, it's just a bit clean when it comes to the sound of things."


Does that mean you're not keen on arenas?

"We’ve done some arena shows, but I grew up playing club shows and I like it when everyone's up close and you can party together."


What's the rest of 2014 look like for Killswitch Engage?

"A lot of weird stuff, it's going to be a bit of a stop-start year when it comes to touring. We've got shows in Russia and South Africa then we go to Australia then back out in North America and then to South America, lots of places in that time."


Have you given much thought to new material yet?

"No, I won't until we finish up all the touring we're down to do, that's when I'll start on it."


Can you write on the road at all? During soundchecks?

"No, no, we're always too tired and too hungover to try that out. We're getting old man, the travelling's killing us."


Is there much left over from the making of Disarm The Descent? Anything you can go back to?

"I think I'll probably start a fresh, I like to do that with each album. If I don't use it for a record, I tend to throw it away, into that big old trash bucket of riffs I have."


How have you found touring with Jesse back in the band?

"It's been great having him back in the band, he's been a total breathe of fresh air. He's still so excited to do everything, it's great to have fresh perspective in the band."


Does it feel very different to the last time you toured?

"Not too different, it's been great, having a newbie in the band is always fun."


The album's almost a year old now, how do you reflect on it? Are you still very happy with it?

"It was a lot of fun to make and it's been wonderful to tour on. It's a very cool slice of our career. We've been playing the new songs live a lot, we've had plenty of people singing along, the reaction's been great."


How hard is it to pick your live set list now?

"Not too hard, we always want to represent everything from record one through to the new one. We want to make the most interesting set possible, that's all we focus on."


Finally, what records did you really like from 2013?

"The new Carcass record, I fucking loved that. The Sigur Ros record, that was great, also that Volcano Choir record, that's very cool."


Killswitch Engage's Disarm The Descent is out now. You can preview it by clicking on the right hand side of the page now.

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Disarm The Descent Killswitch Engage
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