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“We can't wait to see everybody again” – talks to Axwell /\ Ingrosso
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“We can't wait to see everybody again” – talks to Axwell /\ Ingrosso

As they prepare for life post Swedish House Mafia, we chat to Axwell and Ingrosso about their plans for their debut album, touring the world and why their new material is like “great organic food”. We started though by talking about their epic short films for new songs ‘On My Way’ and ‘Can’t Hold Us Down’….


Tell us about the videos, why did you decide to do a short film to go along with ‘On My Way’ and ‘Can’t Hold Us Down’?

Axwell: “We wanted to do something gritty, something that wasn’t a generic dance video, we wanted to bring it. Christian (Larson – director) really transformed our ideas into a great script, we trained for three days to be able to do those fight scenes and then it was four days of filming in Romania. It was a lot of work, but we’re really proud of the result.”



Were there any movies you were inspired by?

Axwell: “We looked at Snatch, Trainspotting, gritty films with a real British vibe.”



Did you give ever consider getting someone else to star in it?

Ingrosso: “No, we were always going to do it, from day one.”


How are you finding life as just the two of you?

Axwell: “We took some time off after Swedish House Mafia to have a holiday and we found ourselves back in Ibiza making music. We decided to try and stick together and now our music is starting to come out properly. It’s great to be back out on the road doing gigs again, we’ve got Alexandra Palace coming up, a big show at Coachella, we can’t wait to see everybody again.”


When did you decide that the two of you would stick together?

Axwell: “We were working in the same studio in Stockholm and we were helping each other with our tracks and we realised it just made sense. In the same way that Swedish House Mafia was created, it was an organic thing, it was one track at a time, not some big plan.”


How have you found starting again? Doing all the things that new artists do?

Ingrosso: “It’s been very nice, it’s like refreshing everything.”

Axwell: “It’s like being born into a six year old’s body with all the knowledge of being 35.”


How’s your debut album coming along?

Axwell: “We still have work to do, but it’s coming along. We are crazy people when it comes to our music, we are always tweaking tracks, but it needs to be ready before the summer because we have to go and play it.”



When will you hope to have it out? Before the end of the year?

Axwell: “Hopefully a lot sooner than that, but it will be after the summer.”


Can you tell us who you’ve been working with? You’ve always attracted big name guest vocalists…

Axwell: “We’ve always gone after vocalists who we feel suit the songs. When we recorded ‘Don’t You Worry Child’ and ‘Save The World’ we ended up working with a guy who lived nearby in Stockholm and with this album it’s mainly been Vincent (Pontare) and Salem (Al Fakir) who’ve worked with us. We’ve kept it local, locally produced, like great organic food.”


Is that something you’re keen to do? To keep it Swedish?

Axwell: “We never go for big names for the sake of it. We have so much fun working with our two friends that we’ve stuck with that, but if we write something and we have a big name in mind we’ll track that person down.”


How did you want Axwell /\ Ingrosso to move on from Swedish House Mafia?

Axwell: “We want it to sound like us, so there was no need for any big change. But it’s always fun to experiment and we do get bored. I think every song we make will sound different from each other.”



What kind of dance music scene do you feel like you’re coming back into?

Axwell: “It feels more free than ever. There is country in hip-hop now, there is folk music in dance, it just feels like there are no boundaries anymore, you can mix and match as much as you want.”


Tell us about your live shows, what have you got planned?

Ingrosso: “We always try to make it the best and the biggest that we can. We’ll have lots of bells and whistles. We’ll bring everything we can.”


How much new material will you be play?

Ingrosso: “We know our fans want to hear new music, but they also want to hear the good old beats, we’ll try and play as much new music as we can without boring people."


How much can you decide on the night? When you get shows the size of yours you must have to keep to certain timings?

Axwell: “There are some songs that we will always want to play, but we leave a big space each night for mixing and matching, we’d hate for it to be the same every night. That would suck.”


Finally, how much do you have booked before the end of the year?

Ingrosso: “About a million shows. We’re going to be everywhere.”


Axwell /\ Ingrosso’s singles ‘Something New’ and 'Can't Hold Us Down' are out now and can be downloaded here. They plan London's Alexandra Palace on June 6th, click here to purchase tickets for the show. 

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