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"It was a journey" - talks to Nick Jonas as he releases his new solo album
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"It was a journey" - talks to Nick Jonas as he releases his new solo album

As one third of the Jonas Brothers, the pop rock behemoth responsible for selling 17 million albums, Nick Jonas became a teenage hearthrob when barely even a teenager himself. He and brothers Joe and Kevin had their own TV show, starred in some of the Disney Channel's biggest movies and conquered arenas all over the world. 

Now on hiatus, he's going it along and going it alone in a very different manner. His new self-titled solo album (which you can preview and purchase it on the right-hand side of the page) featuring the massive hit single 'Jealous', owes more to The Weeknd, Frank Ocean and D'Angelo than it does to anything else. It's raw, very stripped back and very, very personal.

As the album hit shelves, we sat down with Nick Jonas to find out all about how it came into being...


Although it's been out in the US for a little while, your new album has only just come out here in the UK, is it odd to be starting over with promoting it?

"It's exciting, I think it gives the record new life. But all these songs are still so fresh to me, so it's not a big leap to be back here with the record."


How long did it take you to put the album together? 

"It was a journey. I had a couple songs of recorded and they really captured the sound I wanted, then I got to work with some amazing people to realise the full thing, but it wasn't overnight, it took a lot to get there."


Did you end up with a lot of songs?

"I ended up a bunch of songs, but not an insane amount. There were probably six or seven songs that didn't make the record, nothing stupid. I was pretty clear about what I wanted this record to be, it felt into place quite quickly."


When did you nail down the sound for this album? Because it's very different to what you've done in the past...

"I was listening to different things, going back to classics like Stevie Wonder and Prince, real classics, finding the spark in them and how I could tap into it."


Were you nervous about stepping out with the new songs? 

"I was. It's only natural when you grow and progress that you're nervous about what you leave behind, but the early reactions gave me a tremendous amount of confidence."


What kind of record is it lyrically?

"I really made an effort to talk about things that were relavent to me and things that were really personal. I've always used my lyrics to process my thoughts and it's been nice to see that becoming more personal it's actually made me more open and more universal. I'm not afraid to hide anything."


What's the song on the album that you're most proud of?

"I think it's still 'Jealous', it's a song that's really changed everyone for me, it was a bold change and I'm still so happy with it."


Do you feel like a brand new artist?

"I do. In a big way. I approached it that way. I felt like it was the first time and I was excited to feel like that, really starting new and with everything ahead of me."


Were there people you looked to for inspiration for how to transition between your self in the Jonas Brothers and now?

"You can't help but look at people like Justin Timberlake for how to push yourself and how to challenge what people's expectations are of you. But, at the same time, it's very much my own journey." 


What's the plan for taking the record out live?

"I'm shooting a TV show in the US called Kingdom, I'm doing the second season of that. Then when that wraps I'll be on tour in the US, then back to Kingdom for a couple more episodes, after I finish that I'm hoping I'll just be able to go out on the road. I haven't really had a chance to tour, it's been one-offs and promos, I want to take this record out 


How are you finding balancing acting and music?

"It's good, it's hard sometimes with the scheduling, I have a great team and they really make it possible for me to do both."


When you're between takes on set do you find yourself thinking about music?

"It depends on what kind of scene I'm shooting, if it's a heavy one I really have to stay in it. But I'm always thinking about music, I can't escape it."


Will you look to follow-up this record quickly?

"I hope so. I'm writing right now and I'm really excited about how it's sounding, I hope to get some more music out this year. The goal would be to just always keep writing."


Nick Jonas's self-titled debut album is out now. You can purchase it here or from hmv stores across the UK. 

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