April 25, 2014

'Lustmord and Wargasm' anyone? What are Cradle Of Filth's most controversial moments?
by Tom
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'Lustmord and Wargasm' anyone? What are Cradle Of Filth's most controversial moments?

They're about to release a repacked and remastered version of an early demo next week titled Total Fucking Darkness, which includes track with titles like 'Spattered in Faeces', 'The Raping of Faith' and 'Fraternally Yours, 666'. Thing is, titles like this are pretty mild by Cradle Of Filth's standards, they've produced tracks that are a lot more controversial.

In celebration and indignation, here are the Suffolk black metallers' 10 most controversial songs…

(By the way, if you don't like swearing, horrible imagery and lots of references to sodomy, please don't go any further. If you do, you can check out each track in our download store by clicking on the title.)


'A Crescendo of Passion Bleeding'

Taken from the metallers' debut effort The Principle of Evil Made Flesh, this is a rough sketch of the band Cradle Of Filth would become, with the emphasis on heavy guitars rather than pomp and ceremony. Saying that, with lyrics like "In the glory of the earth our crowns are studded with the jewels of blasphemy", you already know this is a band like no other.


'The Rape and Ruin of Angels (Hosannas in Extremis)'

From their 1996 EP 'V Empire or Dark Faerytales in Phallustein', this epic track clocks in at almost nine minutes in length and continues frontman Dani Filth's obsession with fallen angels, mixing borderline Mills and Boon esque erotica with dark metaphors.


'Lustmord and Wargasm (The Lick of Carnivorous Winds)'

Fully hinting at the truly over the top material that was to come, this is the closing track on the band's 1998 record Cruelty And The Beast, an album inspired by the legend that surrounds the wicked Hungarian countess Elizabeth Báthory, the woman known as 'The Blood Countess' who reportedly assisted in the murder and torture of over 650 young girls.


'Of Dark Blood and Fucking'

This followed a year later on their EP From the Cradle to Enslave, it's about… well, you can work that out from the title…


'Lord Abortion'

This is taken from 2000's Midian, an album inspired by Clive Barker's novel Cabal and his subsequent film version Nightbreed, which tells the story of a mysterious tribe of monsters who dwell in the darkness.

It kicks off with a quote from Terry Gilliam's classic dystopian flick Brazil, a quote that simply says, "Care for a little necrophilia?" It only gets worse from there…


'Babalon A.D. (So Glad for the Madness)'

Featuring on Damnation And A Day, their only album on major label Sony, this track saw the band crack the Top 40! Crack the Top 40 with a track inspired by 'Scarlet Woman' from notorious occultist Aleister Crowley's mystical system. Needless to say, it's their only Top 40 single…


'Gilded Cunt'

Taken from 2004's Nymphetamine (a combination of "nymphette" and "amphetamine", forming an addiction of beautiful women), this colourfully titled track told the story of a spoilt dominatrix, as you do…


'Libertina Grimm'

2006's Thornography is perhaps the band's finest studio album and includes this fine cut, which chronicles the story of Libertina Grimm, a woman who Filth described as "sexy, erudite and possessed of an extraordinary wit, but who also possesses an unhealthy appetite for self-destruction and flights of morbid fancy, terribly chic drugs and wild, sexual abandonment." Don't take her home to meet your parents…


'Shat Out of Hell'

For 2008's Godspeed On The Devil's Thunder, the band got obsessed with Gilles de Rais, a French nobleman who experimented with occult practises in the 15th century as well as abusing a number of children, crimes which led to his eventual execution. Not sure he ever uttered the words 'Shat Out of Hell' mind…


'Harlot on a Pedestal'

2010's Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa rekindled the band's lyrical obsession with Lilith, the demon witch and the first biblical wife of Adam, this took the band's bombast to a whole new high.


Cradle Of Filth will release the new version of Total Fucking Darkness on Monday (May 5th) and you can pre-order it in hmv stores now.

You can also check out their back catalogue in our download store. 

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