May 27, 2014

"Our album was meant to be played in the sunshine..." - talks to Blitz Kids
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"Our album was meant to be played in the sunshine..." - talks to Blitz Kids

After a tough couple of years, it feels like pop-rockers Blitz Kids are really on the rise with their new album The Good Youth. Written and recorded alongside pop-punk maestro John Feldmann in Los Angeles, it’s full of big riffs and big choruses, all designed to sung back to them loudly at festivals.

We caught up with frontman Joe James and guitarist Jono Yates after their set at Slam Dunk Festival to talk about their summer of festivals and their plans for the follow-up to The Good Youth


How’s your summer been so far?

Jono: “This (Slam Dunk) is our second festival, we’ve got lots lined up. We’re booked solidly throughout the summer, it’s great, it gives us a chance to get in people’s faces and get drunk in various places throughout the country.”


Is a summer full of festivals exactly what you wanted?

Joe: “Definitely, it’s the best place to showcase your stuff. You get people wandering around and it’s your chance to grab them and make them stick around.”

Jono: “This album lends itself to festivals very well, it’s summery and anthemic, we wrote it in the sunshine and it’s meant to be played in the sunshine.”


Your album The Good Youth came out right at the start of the year, how have you found the reaction to the new songs has been?

Joe: “It’s been better than ever actually. Watching people sing along to the songs has been so gratifying, there have been people who know every single word, more words than me! It’s been mindblowing, it’s the first time we’ve had people reacting to songs that aren’t singles, and people have been going nuts for them.”


You had the album ready for almost two years before it came out, have you had a chance to work on material for album number three yet?

Joe: “We’ve started it already. We’ve been little bits here, little bits there. There’s no pressure, we haven’t got a deadline to meet, but we write here, there and everywhere. We don’t want to leave it too long.”

Jono: “The gap between Vagrants and Vagabonds and The Good Youth was over three years, we ain’t going to do that again. It’s going to be 18 months tops, but we don’t when it those 18 months.”


Would you like to make another record like The Good Youth? Would you go back and work with John Feldmann again?

Jono: “I’d love to do another record with John, we had a great time and he absolutely got the best out of us. He motivated us, he made sure we got out of bed with a spring in our step every morning. It’d be great to work with him again, but we’re weighing up our options. We don’t know what we’re going to write yet, so it’s exciting times. We’ll find what’s best for the record.”


So aside from festival season, what other touring plans do you have lined up?

Jono: “We’ve got a European tour in  July, then another tour out there in October with Deaf Havana and then a UK headline tour with Verses and another great British band, who are very native to the UK…”


Does the touring end after that?

Joe: “There are preliminary plans to go to America and Japan, but we’ll see. Don’t want to get our hopes up too much…”


Blitz Kids’ new album The Good Youth is out now in hmv stores and can be previewed by clicking on the icon on the right-hand side of the page.

The Good Youth
The Good Youth Blitz Kids
Blitz Kids - On My Own

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