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“Our band is a total happy accident” – Ghost Town
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“Our band is a total happy accident” – Ghost Town

As electro metallers Ghost Town prepare to release their second record The After Party, we chatted to Evan Pearce and drummer Manny from the band to find out how they go about mashing together two of music's most extreme genres...


The After Party comes out on Monday in the UK, are you nervous at all?

Evan: (Pearce, electronics): “A little nervous, but mostly excited, you?”

Manny (drums): “I’m nervous man, this is our first real record, all our fans are going to hear this, I’m on edge a little, excited too.”


So when did the writing for this record begin?

Evan: “Immediately after the last record, the first song you hear is one that didn’t quite make it on to the last record. After all this touring as a new band, it’s been hard to catch up. We made the record in chunks, we were touring the whole time, so we’d stop touring, write as much as we could, then go back out there.”


Did you find that approach worked for you? Stopping and starting?

Manny: “Yeah, it gives you time to think things through with your music, you go on tour, you get in that mindset and then you come back and you can notice new things. We’re constantly writing though.”

Evan: “Yeah, we write all the time, we can get a song 90% there on tour and then the second we get home, we can record it and get it down.”


Who produced the record?

Evan: “I did.”


Were you never tempted to get a producer in?

Evan: “We’ve got such a unique sound, our band is a total happy accident, if anyone tries to come in and change our sound, it ends up sounding clichéd.”

Manny: “It’s like when you have family you grew up, and then someone tries to come in and be like  ‘Can I be in your family for a while?’. We’re already a household man.”

Evan: “We tried it, but I knew straight away that it wouldn’t work. Maybe next time, but as a band we’re so different that we don’t need to go to a guy to get his sound. He already know how to do everything.”


Your new record is coming out on Fueled By Ramen, rather than being self-released, did that change anything in the way you recorded?

Evan: “The cool thing about our label is they’re pretty smart, they know what works. We don’t want to change our sound, it’s working. We’ve had a bit more help, a nice studio.”


How do you think this record moves on from Party In The Graveyard?

Evan: “Half of it just edges up our earlier stuff, some of its a little more dance, there’s even a ballad on there.”


How did that come about?

Evan: “Kevin and Alex start most things off, then I get involved, but this time I heard and I didn’t do anything, it was slow and it was cool. Normally tracks start out on guitar and vocals, then I come in and add my parts on top.”


How have you found touring the record so far?

Manny: “Live, it just goes off, we’re getting incredible reactions, we love our crowds and we’re enjoying getting to play them out.”

Evan: “90% of the time we get this solid stunned face reaction when we go out with bands, I love it.”


Your band incorporates a tonne of genres into the mix, does that mean its hard to find the right crowds to play to?

Manny: “It’s cool. We’ve played with everyone from Mariana’s Trench to Like Moths To Flames, so many different bands, we get to play to so many fanbases, we think our music could be for everyone.”



Who would you most love to tour with?

Manny: “Kanye West and Sleeping With Sirens. Kanye’s incredible and Kellin Quinn (Sleeping With Sirens singer) is this little dancing genius with crazy charisma. That’s my tour."

Evan: “Bring Me The Horizon. They cross over like we do and I think their fans would really get us.”


How would you describe what you do? Do you have a name for your genre?

Evan: “I think David Schmitt from Breathe Carolina said it best when he said we’re like an electronic Pierce The Veil, that’s as close as anyone’s gotten I think.”


You’ve got a very passionate fanbase already, when did you start to notice that you had this special connection?

Manny: “The first couple of hours.”

Evan: “Seriously, within a few hours of putting tracks live, we had such a huge reaction.”


Have you had any crazy experiences with fans yet?

Evan: “Define crazy.”


Finding out where you life, following you about, getting tattoos of your faces on their bodies…

Manny: “Yeah, yeah we have. Some fans came to our studio. I had a quick little Michael Jackson moment then.”


What’s the craziest thing a fan has asked you to sign?

Manny: “A tampon.”

Evan: “Hold up, what?”

Manny: “It was whacked up.”

Evan: “I never knew that, that’s fucked up.”

Manny: “There’s the tattoo thing, people ask you to sign and then go get it tattooed.”

Evan: “I never believe them, they always say ‘I’m going to get it tattooed’ and then they do. This girl came to a show with one the other day, it looked cool. If they like it, that’s fine with us…”


Ghost Town’s new album The After Party is released on Monday (June 2nd) in hmv stores all over the UK. You can check out their tracks in our digital store by clicking here too.

Ghost Town will be meeting fans and signing copies of the album at hmv Southampton on Wednesday (June 4th), click here for more details.

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