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"Our biggest influence on this album was the fans..." - talks to Bars & Melody
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"Our biggest influence on this album was the fans..." - talks to Bars & Melody

After crash landing into living rooms across the UK last summer on Britain's Got Talent, 16-year old Charlie Green and 14-year old Leondre Devries, a.k.a Bars & Melody, have been on a relentless pursuit of the big time. 

Their debut album 143, which includes singles 'Keep Smiling', 'Hopeful' and 'Stay Strong', hit stores today (August 21st) and is available to purchase and preview on the right-hand side of the page. We caught up with Devries and Green to find out all about making the album and how their fans truly inspire everything they do...


When did you start work on 143?

"We started 143 at the beginning of the year, it was so much fun to make. Though it was long hours in the studio and hours of writing we feel like it's payed off."


How long did it take to record?

"143 took us about five months to finish. That's quite quick and although we had more than enough tracks we felt like we need to put our best ones on, not just filler tracks."


What would you say the key influences are on the album?

“Our biggest influence on this album was the fans, we wanted to show them that it's all about them, and without them we wouldn't be here, hence the name 143, which stands for "I love you" which really has become our symbol.”


Tell us about the album’s lyrics, what inspired them?

“The fans have inspired us, all the lyrics are from the heart and dedicated to them! When we're stuck for lyrics we just click onto social media and see all their kind words towards us which fills our heads with lyrics!”


Who are some of your favourite lyricists and who did you look to inspire your own album?

Leondre: “I would say a big lyrical inspiration is Jordan Dreyer from La Dispute! He's amazing at writing and all his songs touch my heart, so I aspire to be like him..”

Charlie: “I really enjoy Bruno Mars' lyrics, he has an amazing head on him to write such good lyrics! And I would aspire to be like him one day!”


What’s your favourite song on the album?

Leondre: “My favourite song would have to be ‘Stay Young’, it's a song all the fans know, and It gives me such a buzz performing it live!”

Charlie: “My favourite would have to be ‘Complicated’. I love the chorus on it and when the fans sing it back it's the best feeling ever!


Which song on the album was the hardest to record?

“The hardest song to record we would say was ‘143’, we really wanted that song to be special as the album was named after it and it is all about the fans, we wanted to show them we care about them so much and we are thankful for their support!”


What are your plans to take the record out live?

“In November when we tour the album, we are going all out! From live band, to fire and confetti, we can't wait to show you our setup and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do, we can't give too much away though, so stay tuned for more information!”


Bars & Melody's debut album 143 is out now. 

The duo will sign copies of the album in 19 hmv stores across the UK next week, click here for more details. 

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