March 20, 2014

"Our last record was an adolescent record, we're done with that" – talks to Howler
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"Our last record was an adolescent record, we're done with that" – talks to Howler

Minneapolis indie rock vagabonds Howler are back with World Of Joy, the much anticipated follow-up to their explosive debut America Give Up.

We chatted with singer Jordan Gatesmith about the making of the record, why he'll never work with a big name producer and why he feels this is a more 'adult' record.


The record's out on Monday, how are you feeling ahead of release?

"We're very excited about it. The last few days back here in Minneapolis have basically been one big party, as we get ready. We've been holding out for a very long so we're delighted to get it out."


So when did you actually finish it?

"Back in August, around that time. Getting the release right all comes down to talking with the label, they wanted to release it in March, I'm sure there's a good reason for that."


Has it been frustrating to wait all this time?

"A wait of this time isn't that uncommon, we've pretty good at keeping busy so it's no big deal."


How long did you spend making the record? Was it a short or long process?

"The answer's actually kind of both. We weren't in the studio for that long. We came off a year and a half of touring so we were kind of sick of the sight of each other, so we needed a couple of months to want to write music again. We recorded most of it in a two-month burst from July to August. We did sessions where we'd go in and record seven songs, bash them out and then keep doing that until we had a record we liked."


This is your first album with new drummer Rory MacMurdo, what did he bring to the process?

"He's one of the best drummers, I've ever met, technically brilliant, he comes from this noise-rock background so he's a power player. We added him to the band because he's a great songwriter and we wanted everyone to have say on this album, we wanted this album to be our songs, not my songs."


You worked with Chris Heidman again on this album, what did he bring to the process?

"I have a bit of a problem with the idea of production in general. I think the producer's name is something people use to promote the record, it's a selling tool, not about the way it sounds. Me and Chris have developed a good relationship and sound and I don't want anyone to touch it other than Chris."


How do feel this album moves on from America Give Up?

"It's an adult record, the last record was an adolescent record, we're done with that. There's no wrong with making that kind of record, but the songs have gone from being about boredom to being about exploring our personal freedoms."


Is it a very personal album in its lyrics?

"Pretty much. There are songs that are more observational too, I think that's something we're really good at."


Where does the title come from?

"Ian (Nygaard, guitars) lives in this part of Minneapolis where there's this dilapidated church called 'Joy World', which is really really ironic given the state it's in. We all thought it was really funny and a cool expression to name the record."


So what's the plan for the rest of the year?

"We've got a couple of big tours coming up, including in the UK and Europe. But we hope that we'll get the chance to come back to Minneapolis more this time, maybe play in other bands."


Many festivals booked?

"We're working that out now, hopefully we'll get some in there."


Howler's new album World Of Joy will be in stores on Monday (March 24th) and is available for digital pre-order here. 


Howler will be performing a live set and signing copies of their new album World Of Joy at Fopp Manchester  on Sunday 30th March at 4.00pm. 


World Of Joy
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