February 13, 2014

"Our new album is a whole new world for us…" – hmv.com talks to Miss May I
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"Our new album is a whole new world for us…" – hmv.com talks to Miss May I

Despite the oldest member of their band being only 25, Ohio metallers Miss May I are currently preparing to release their fourth studio album Rise Of The Lion, which they recorded at the tail end of 2013. We sat down with singer Levi Benton and bassist Ryan Neff to find out all about it…


How far along are you with your new album?

Levi: "It's all done and wrapped up. We're just sitting on it now."


So when did you finish it?

Ryan: "Around Thanksgiving, we wrapped it up then. We’re looking to get it out around springtime, we cant' really be anymore specific than that."


You worked with Terry Date, who's produced the likes of Deftones and Bring Me The Horizon, what was he like to work with?

Levi: "It was awesome. It felt very old school, he let us be ourselves. We only super-fanned on him a bit, we got over that pretty quickly."

Ryan: "It was a nice organic recording process. Everything that we wrote made the record, we came in really prepared so we knew what was going on. No writing songs in the studio this time."


Was it a lengthy process?

Levi: "It was the longest we've ever spent on a record, normally we tour so much that we never have time, but this time we really set some time aside to work at the songs."

Ryan: "We did about three months in the studio. We had three weeks of just writing, then we did a month with Terry when we were continuously re-writing and then we went back and did the record."


Did you experiment much? Are there strings or keyboards on the album?

Levi: "Oh yeah there a couple that are super left-field. And then, after that, we actually went back and wrote so real throwbacks, the kind of tracks we were making when we left high school."

Ryan: "We didn't mix it up too much instrument-wise, it's important to us that we can do everything live. We experimented with piano a bit, but we experimented more by trying to wrote lots of different types of songs."


What kind of lyrical place does it come from?

Levi: "It's not as personal as we have been. It's more us writing letters back. We get tonnes of letters from fans and we can't respond to every single one so we decided this time that we'd figure out some topics and write songs that were letters back to fans. It's a whole new world for us."


Is it harder to pick your live set list now?

Ryan: "For the first time it really is, we've hit to sit down and try and work it out. It's harder to fit everything in and I think this will be the first year where we really struggle to get everything in we want to."

Levi: "We need to start doing mash-ups man, work some tracks together to save time."


So after the record comes out is it just wall to wall touring?

Levi: "It will be yeah, we're starting now and it won't stop."

Ryan: It's as constant as we always are. We're coming back here for Download, we know that, we can't wait for that."


Miss May I's new album Rise Of The Lion is out on April 28th. You can check out their back catalogue in our download store now.

Rise Of The Lion
Rise Of The Lion Miss May I
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