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"The album goes from heartbreak to happiness..." - talks to Jess Glynne
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"The album goes from heartbreak to happiness..." - talks to Jess Glynne

There can't be many artists who release their debut album with as much momentum as 25-year old Jess Glynne does today (August 21st). Her debut album I Cry When I Laugh is now out in stores and is available to preview and purchase on the right-hand side of the page and it's already packed with hits.

Before Glynne became a name in her own right, she made her name with a series of collaborations, including Clean Bandit's massive hit 'Rather Be' and Route 94's dancefloor smash 'My Love'. A few of those collaborations have made her debut album too, 'Real Love', the track she and Clean Bandit scored a Number Two with last year and 'Not Letting Go', her collaboration with Tinie Tempah that topped the charts earlier this summer .

There are solo hit singles 'Hold My Hand' and 'Right Here', sitting on an album that incorporates soul, dance, R'N'B and almost everything in between, including a duet with Emeli Sande and a series of tracks with production whizz Starsmith. 

We chatted with Glynne about putting the album together, her hopeful approach to lyrics and why she decided to get wet for the album cover...

It’s been a long road to your debut album, are you nervous it’s finally coming out? Or just excited for people to hear it?

"I think I'm at the point where I am just so excited for people to hear the album!" 

How long did it take you to put the album together?

"I think it's taken me a good two years to get the album finished. I never thought it would take that long, but time flies and before I knew it was two years later!"

How many songs were considered for the album?

"I had about 20-30 songs that were considered or talked about so cutting it down was quite hard."


You’ve collaborated with lots of artists in your career so far, who have you learned the most from?

"I think from the collaborations I've done so far, I've learnt a lot from the experiences more than anything."


What about producers? Who’s on the record with you?

“The majority of the production has been done by this gig called Knox Brown. We worked together over a year ago, but we got in the studio and I felt completely at home with him. I’ve worked with quite a few people, but he’s easily the one I’ve enjoyed working with the most. Starsmith has done a few tracks on there too, but it's mainly Knox."

Can you sum up the album lyrically?

"I think if I had to some the album up lyrically I would say the album is about hope."

What’s the song on the album that you’re proudest of? 

"I couldn't even answer that.. I'm obsessed with pretty much every song on the album it's too hard to say which one I'm proudest of!"

You’ve got a duet with Emeli Sande on there, how did that come about and what was she like to work with?

"Emeli was such a pleasure to work with. She's so talented and humble and we got on so well. Creating a song with her was so natural and fun."

Where did the title I Cry When I Laugh come from?

"Well I do actually cry when I laugh it's a known fact about me, the minute I laugh I cry. It's a fact about me and the album is my journey so it fits pretty well. The album goes come from heartbreak to happiness so it also relates to the emotions of the album pretty well too."

Tell us about the cover, what made you decide on that shot?

"There wasn't a more perfect shot for the album. We did a shoot nearly a year ago and it wasn't for the album but we were just trying things out and the minute I saw that photo after I had water poured on my head I was like that's the album cover! It works so well with the album title and it's so raw I just love it! Plus the artwork done by my best mate Jolene Henry just makes it that extra bit special..."

What are your plans to take the album out on tour? 

"My plans are to bring the album to life on stage! I can't wait to tour this album it's going to be so much fun!"


Jess Glynne's new album I Cry When I Laugh is out now. 

I Cry When I Laugh
I Cry When I Laugh Jess Glynne

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