January 29, 2014

''The album's a lot like the singles in the sense that they're quite different, but they have our DNA all over them'' – hmv.com talks to The Vamps
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''The album's a lot like the singles in the sense that they're quite different, but they have our DNA all over them'' – hmv.com talks to The Vamps

The Vamps brought Chelmsford to a standstill when they dropped in to hmv last week to meet fans and look to set to have an amazing year. We caught up with singer James McVey to talk about their plans for their debut album and the rest of 2014…


Last week you drew a huge crowd to your signing in hmv Chelmsford, how did the signing go?

"It was fantastic, we had so many people turn up, especially as we'd never been to Chelmsford before, it was great to find out we actually had some fans there."


Did anyone give you anything weird to sign?

"No, not this time. Everyone there was very nice and relatively normal, always good"


Your new single is 'Wild Heart', tell us about the writing of the track.

"We actually wrote this track before we wrote 'Can We Dance' at the end of last year. We worked with a guy called Jamie Scott, who wrote One Direction's 'Story Of My Life' and loads of other great songs. We really enjoyed working with him."


What inspired it? Where do the lyrics come from?

"We wanted this track to be quite folky and quite energetic. I think the lyrics add to that, it's about living in the moment, having a good time, it's about trying to persuade your friends and the girl you like that she should let her hair down a bit."


So far along are you with the album?

"The album's finished. All the songs are there, it's being mastered now and there's just a few vocal bits left to sort out. It should be out around Easter time."


Have you got a title yet?

"Not yet, we need to, we'd better sit down and think about that soon actually."


What do you think people can expect from the record? Would you say that the singles you've released so far reflect what's on the rest of the album?

"I think 'Wild Heart' is a bit more of what the album sounds like. The album's a lot like the singles in the sense that they're quite different, but they have the DNA of The Vamps all over them, there's a big range of instruments and genres on there. We had a lot of fun doing it."


Who else did you work with on the album?

"We wrote it ourselves, we're the main songwriters. We were really lucky to work with producers who got the best out of us. We didn't do any big co-writes; we did sessions with Jamie Scott, Matt Prime, a guy called Wayne Hector, who's worked with lots of people, but mainly just us."


Was that important to you? To do most of the work yourselves?

"We've been really lucky to work with some great producers. For most of the songs we wanted to make sure we got a really great songwriter's opinion; at the end of the day we're quite young, we’ve not been writing songs for that long, so we were grateful for the advice, but it was important for us to show off what we can do as songwriters too."


What would you say are the album's key influences?

"Brad and myself are the predominate writers, but we listen to very different things. Brad listens to bands like Foo Fighters and Arctic Monkeys, I listen to Taylor Swift, it's that mix of genres that comes through when we write."


Speaking of Taylor Swift, you're supporting her soon at London's O2, are you excited about that?

"So excited. I'm a really big fan of her and it's a total dream come true."


How have you found playing live so far? Is it easy to replicate what you do in the studio live?

"I think all our songs sound like a band anyway, we use a lot of guitars so it's quite easy to replicate. We haven't practised a full set yet from the album, so it'll take some time to sort a sound for when we do a full headline tour, but then I think playing live should be different to a record, it should be more raw."


Are you going to be touring throughout 2014 then?

"The Vamps are always touring, we're always playing shows, but we are planning a big headline tour for the end of the year, we'll be announcing that soon."


Are you going round the world this year?

"We're going to be spending a lot of time in America and we've got Europe and Australia too. We're going on tour with The Wanted soon too, just in the UK, we get on great with those guys, they've been really supportive so we're really looking forward to that."


Finally, what was your biggest musical discovery of 2013? And what album are you most looking forward to in 2014?

"I'd say Kodaline. They've developed amazingly and have got so many great songs, I'm a big fan now. I'm really excited to hear Ed Sheeran's new album, I can't wait to hear what he does next."


The Vamps' new single 'Wild Heart' is out now and available to buy from our download store now; they support Taylor Swift and The Wanted on their UK tours in February.

The Vamps - Wild Heart

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