February 11, 2014

''There will be a lot of new music this year!" - hmv.com talks to Tiësto
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''There will be a lot of new music this year!" - hmv.com talks to Tiësto

One of the original superstar DJs, Tiësto's success showed no sign of slowing down in 2013. He raked in over $30 million from live gigs, headlined some of the world's biggest clubs and ended the year with a sell-out UK arena tour with Calvin Harris. We sat down with the Dutch DJ to talk about his plans for 2014 and why he's got lots more new material planned...


How was 2013 for you?

"It’s been a great year. I released my mix album 'Club Life – Volume Three Stockholm' started my residency at Hakkasan in Las Vegas and toured the world. I also released my singe 'Red Lights' at the end of the year and that’s the first single from my new album that’s coming later this year."

You finished off 2013 with a UK arena tour with Calvin Harris, how did that go?

"Oh it was amazing. There was so much enthusiasm and I had a blast. It’s always so much fun to tour the UK."

What was Calvin Harris like to work alongside? Were you impressed with his live show?

"He’s a great friend and among the most talented artists in dance music. So it was a pleasure."

You've just put out a new single called 'Red Lights'. What can we expect from you this year in terms of new material? Is an album likely?

"Yes, 'Red Lights' is the first single from my new album, so there will be a lot of new Tiësto music this year!"

Have you got any remixes lined up for 2014? Any tracks you can tell us about?

"Well I just gave away for free my remix of John Legend’s 'All Of Me', I’ll be focusing so much on my own new music so there’s really no other remixes for me to mention at the moment."

What are your live plans for 2014? Will you be touring the world as you have done in the past few years?

"Yes for sure, I love to tour and play for my fans. With the album coming you can bet I’ll be playing as much as possible."

You released the third album in your Club Life series this summer, have you been pleased with the reaction from fans?

"Absolutely. I made the album with almost entirely my own original songs, remixes and collaborations so a lot of the music was played throughout the summer to the present. It’s been great to see the reaction from my fans."

You've done Club Life albums inspired by Las Vegas, Miami and Stockholm, which city will you go to next?

"It’s hard to say because I’m so focused on my artist album at the moment."

What have been some of your favourite tracks to play live recently?

"'Red Lights' is my favorite because obviously I hold a special place in my heart for that one. There are also a lot of remixes for the song, so I like to change it up and drop different versions for my fans."


Finally, which up and coming DJs are you excited about? Any recommendations?

"Definitely. I’m really feeling MOTi, Dzeko& Torres, twoloud and Kaaze. All four of them are extremely talented and I anticipate big things!"


You can check out Tiësto's back catalogue on hmvdigital.com now. 

Club Life, Vol. 3 - Stockholm
Club Life, Vol. 3 - Stockholm Tiësto
Tiësto - Red Lights

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