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“This album is much more raw and to the point” - talks to Bury Tomorrow
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“This album is much more raw and to the point” - talks to Bury Tomorrow

As they release their new album Earthbound, we chat to Bury Tomorrow frontman Daniel Winter-Bates about the writing the LP in the middle of a hectic touring schedule and some deathly lyrical themes…


Earthbound is finally out! Have you been waiting a while to release it?

“We had the final copy back in August so we’ve been sat on it for a while, we started in February 2015, so it’s been a full year all in all. We’re desperate for people to hear it, waiting for that is the worst bit.”


You wrote this album on tour, how did you find writing like that?

"It definitely means we've come away with an album that's much more raw and to the point. No intros, no interludes, as close to our live sound as possible. It was tough to find places to write sometimes, but it was worth it for the record we've got. We were live and fired up and it was great to be able to take that energy straight into the studio."


You worked with Caleb Shomo, who some people with know from Beartooth, what did he give as a producer?

"He mixed and mastered it too. We've known him for years, we used to tour with his old band, he's a great producer, he gets our sound and understands where we're coming from."


How did you want the album to move on from Runes?

"I wanted it to be no frills and no bulls**t. I wanted the pure rawness of our music to come through. We've got nothing to prove with this album. On our first album we were young and trying to get out there, on our second album we were coming back from almost breaking up and Runes was our first album with Kristian (Dawson, guitarist). There was no disruption this time, so we wanted to really capture what we could do. It's condensed, it's lean, it's only 10 tracks and it all has that feeling 'This is it'."


How would you sum up the album lyrically?

"It's in the same vein, this album is me not holding back, there's the death of a loved one, there's political and environmental struggle, haters, trolls, the media, it's everything I've wanted to say. There's no "Sorry, but..." anymore."


Where did the title come from?

"It's basically a combination of two ideas. One is the idea that we're all bound to this earth and we should be spending more time working on living in harmony than separating from each other. The other is that at some point we'll all end up in the ground, we're all bound for the earth. So it's those two conflicting ideas."


Finally, what's the plan for taking it out live?

"We're as stacked as you can get. We're heading out with Parkway Drive pretty much as soon as the album comes out and then it's pretty much a year at least from then on. I can't wait!"


Bury Tomorrow’s new album Earthbound is out now.

Earthbound Bury Tomorrow

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