December 6, 2013

Love pop-punk? Then prepare to fall head over heels for Neck Deep...
by Tom
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Love pop-punk? Then prepare to fall head over heels for Neck Deep...

There haven't been too many successful bands to come out of Wrexham in North Wales, but pop punkers Neck Deep already look nailed on to change all that.

Signed to US powerhouse Hopeless Records (home of All Time Low, Yellowcard and The Used), the quintet's self-produced Rain In July EP has already scored them a huge online following and sell-out shows across the globe.

Their debut album Wishful Thinking drops on January 13 and we caught up with vocalist Ben Barlow at last month's Warped tour UK to find out all about it.


So the album's all ready to go?

Ben: "The album's actually been done for a while. We've been sitting on it for about six months, which has been a bit frustrating. We're really keen to get it out, we're really happy with it.


Why have you decided to bring it out in January? Why wait?

"We basically wanted to avoid putting out around Christmas and getting lost. It's better to wait for the New Year and to build our schedule around that. We've waited for the right time to put it out."


Do you feel like the album says everything you want to say?

"For where we are at this moment in time, definitely. It embodies us, it shows how far we've come, how much we've developed. We couldn't be happier with it. This is what we are. This is Neck Deep through and through."

Do some of the songs go right back? Are some years old?

"There's actually a song on there that's the first song we ever wrote, that's called 'What Did You Expect' and we recorded that and compared it to the old version just to see how far we've come as a band. All the songs were written up in my brother's room in our house over a long period of time."


Given you've been sat on the record for six months, have you already made a start on new stuff?

"Well, we've made a start and attempted a few new bits, but not really anything major. I think we're all quite eager to get writing again, but we're not there yet."


What does 2014 look like for you guys?

"It's going to be a year of constant touring. Our schedule is brutal, we've got a US tour, another UK tour, just relentless live touring."


Finally, what's been your favourite record of 2013?

"I'd say State Champs' The Finer Things. It's great, classic pop-punk done really well."


Neck Deep's debut album Wishful Thinking is out on January 13. You can hear the lead-off single 'Crushing Grief' below.

Neck Deep - 'Crushing Grief'

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