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"This whole thing has been one big pinch yourself moment" - talks to Collabro
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"This whole thing has been one big pinch yourself moment" - talks to Collabro

Fresh from their triumph in Britain's Got Talent, Northumbria's pop /musical theatre troupe Collabro are releasing their debut album Stars on Monday (August 18th). Containing renditions of classics from shows like Les Misérables, Chess and West Side Story, as well as covers of tracks by the likes of John Legend and OneRepublic, the album was recorded in just 10 days earlier this summer. Ahead of release, we spoke to the group's Matt Pagan to find out just how they got it done so quickly...


Your debut album Stars is out on Monday (August 18th), for people who don’t know, how would you describe it?

“It’s an album of songs we absolutely love. We adore musical theatre, so to be able to make an album that shows that off is just a dream come true.”


You only won Britain’s Got Talent back in June, how have you found time to record a whole album?

“It was very rushed. We had 10 days to get the album together and I actually had laryngitis and I only had two days to record all the songs.”


How did you go about picking the songs for the album?

“We were asked for a list of songs, so we came up with a list of about 30 that we liked, then Syco went through that , they also came up with with own list of tracks they liked for us. They suggested tracks like John Legend’s ‘All Of Me’, which weren’t sure about at all, but it’s actually turned out to be one of our favourite songs on the album.”


Were there any songs you suggested that you were disappointed that you didn’t get to do?

“Not really. We hope we’ll get to make another record, so the same tracks will be in the mix then.”


There are more tracks from musical theatre than pop, was that something you wanted?

“Yeah, musical theatre is our absolute passion. We like pop, and if we can put our own stamp on pop songs, then it means we get the best of both worlds.”


What’s your favourite song on the album?

“Probably ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen, we loved doing that one, especially when it gets to the end. We’re so pleased with how it came out too.”


When did you settle on the title?

“It’s the first song on the album, it’s the first one we sang on Britain’s Got Talent, it’s the one we’re known for, so it made sense to call it that.”


Did you ever consider writing any songs of your own for the album?

“No, not really. Literally because we’ve come straight out of Britain’s Got Talent, it was straight into the studio, we didn’t have time to sit and write. We hope we will in the future.”


So why make an album straight away? Why not just put out a couple of singles? Or go on tour first?

“We knew we were in the public eye and we’d built up a big following, so it was just seemed like the perfect time to do it, we were never going to have a better moment to put it out.”


Finally, since you’ve had your recent success, what’s been the biggest pinch-yourself moment?

“Probably our first red carpet, which was for Walking On Sunshine, that was just such a thrill. This whole thing has been one big pinch yourself moment to be honest."


Collabro’s debut album Stars will be released on Monday (August 18th) and is available for pre-order in stores now.

The group will be meeting fans and signing copies of the album at hmv Carlisle on Monday (August 18th) at 12pm and at hmv Gateshead at 5.30pm on the same day. You can find more details here.

Collabro sing Stars from Les Misérables | Britain's Got Talent 2014

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