hmvlive - May 20, 2014

"This will be our last line-up..." - talks to Bury Tomorrow
by Tom
by Tom hmv London, Bio Editor. Peanut butter, punk rock and pillows.

"This will be our last line-up..." - talks to Bury Tomorrow

Ahead of the release of their hotly anticipated new album Runes, we sat down with Bury Tomorrow vocalist Daniel Winter-Bates and bassist Davyd Winter-Bates to talk about the making of the album, adding new guitarist Kristan Dawson and the grand concept behind the lyrics on their new record. We also got them to pick out five of their favourite records... 


Bury Tomorrow will be performing a short live acoustic set and then signing copies  of their new album'Runes' at: 

hmv 363 Oxford Street, LONDON - Tuesday 27th May - 6pm

Due to licence restrictions, access to this event is strictly limited.

200 wristbands will be available from Monday 26th May at the store, with purchase of the album only. One per person, no reservations, subject to availability

purehmv members can reserve priority access to this event


They will also be meeting fans and signing copies of 'Runes' at: 

hmv Cardiff - Thursday 29th May - 5pm 

hmv Plymouth - Friday 30th May - 5pm  


You can also download a free track from the band's new album titled 'Of Glory' from our digital store here. 

Runes Bury Tomorrow

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