March 19, 2014

"We don't like repeating ourselves" – talks to Editors
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"We don't like repeating ourselves" – talks to Editors

As they head off on their final run of shows in support of their fourth album The Weight Of Your Love, we catch up with Editors' mainman Tom Smith to find out about their summer plans and their intentions for their fifth studio album.


So what have you been up to so far this year?

"Bit of downtime actually, we've just done a short tours. I've been doing bits of writing, but it's been quiet. Last year was very busy, we recorded the album in January and finished it and mixed in April and then loads of festivals and then the rest of the year was non-stop touring, so it's nice to have some time to relax."


Does this UK tour feel like finishing the album off? Or will that happen at the festivals?

"It all runs into one really. This set of summer shows will be the last thing we do with this fourth record. After the summer we'll be head down into writing album number five."


How have your live audiences been responding to the new songs?

"It changes with every record. Every time, when you start playing the new songs, the relationship between you and the audience is a bit standoffish. You're not used to playing the new songs, they're not used to hearing them and it takes a while to work out where they belong with your back catalogue."

"We've made is especially hard for ourselves. This new album doesn't sound much like our third record and that album didn't sound much like our second one. It always take a bit of time for those songs to bed in. With this new one, when we started playing the songs live, it was tricky at first, especially as we had a new guitarist (Justin Lockey who joined in 2012) and also Elliot (Williams, keyboards) onstage, so it was a new band to look at as well as hear. Things have settled down now though."


How have you found touring with a new line-up? Has it been a breathe of fresh air?

"We definitely got lucky with the two new guys we got in, musically and personally. It could have been a lot harder, we could have had to go through some horrific kind of auditioning process and thankfully it's worked out really well."

"It's been nice to have a lot of positivity around. When we and Ed and Russell made the decision go on without Chris (guitarist Chris Urbanowicz, who left in 2012) there was a lot of negativity around and so it's been nice to get past that."


The Weight Of Your Love
The Weight Of Your Love Editors

You said you'd been writing, what stage are you at with the writing of your next record?

"It depends. Sometimes a song will come to me in an afternoon, but today for example I've been working on a song for a month. The way it works is I'll write the bare bones of a song on a piano or acoustic guitar and then send it to the band and then we work on it in the rehearsal room and they become Editors' songs. I'm in the middle of that period."


You said that The Weight Of Your Love was the record you really wanted to, would you like to continue in that vein?

"It's very early and I don't want to second guess what we'll do. But we have spent four albums jumping from one thing to another. One on our second album we embraced a much grander sound, on the third album we threw the guitars away and this album is more traditional rock album. Each album have been different to the last one, some quite strikingly so. We don't like repeating ourselves, we feel more rewarded that way, I'm not saying we break new ground, but we try new things."

"Maybe though this time it's the right time to pick up where we left off and work with Jacquire (King, who produced The Weight Of Your Love) again. We've never worked with the same producer two records in a row and some great music comes out of musicians and producers working together for a number of records. Maybe it's the time for that."


You recorded in Nashville last time, would you rather do the next one closer to home?

"We had a fucking great time in Nashville, we're still pining for the place. If the producer wanted to go back, we'd be very happy to go back. It's a music town, it was a town full of positivity and space, and we loved that."


Have you got a summer full of festivals?

"They're being booked up as I speak to you, we're going to be in lots of places. We'll be busy every weekend for sure."


Editors' new album The Weight Of Your Love can be previewed by clicking on the icon on the right hand side of the page. You can check out their back catalogue in our digital store here.

Editors - The Weight (Official Video)

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