March 25, 2014

"We don't want anyone throwing bottles of urine at us..." - talks to 5 Seconds Of Summer Part III
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"We don't want anyone throwing bottles of urine at us..." - talks to 5 Seconds Of Summer Part III

In the final part of our interview with 5 Seconds Of Summer, we talk touring with One Direction, signing odd body parts and why they'd love to play festivals, but are a bit worried about bottles of piss flying at them...


You've just played two sold-out London shows, how did they go?

Calum: "It was crazy, we saw our favourite band (All Time Low) play there last year, so to be there already is absolutely crazy."

Luke: "I can't believe we just played there, it was so much fun."

Ashton: "It sold out in like five minutes, which was so pleasing for us. You know, we've not released much of our music, but the kids didn't care, they seemed to know every word, guess they'd been watching live videos on YouTube, finding the lyrics over all the screaming girls. It's incredible."


Anyone who walked past those venues in the daytime would have seen the fans camped out, you've clearly already got a very special relationship with your fans. When did you first notice that you had these incredibly devoted fans?

Luke: "Really from the start I think, it’s always felt a bit this."

Ashton: "We're very open about what we were and who we are. It isn't the 1980s anymore, you can't be a mysterious dude and a huge rockstar, people want real people."


It's hard to intimate when you've got over two million Twitter followers to be intimate with…

Luke: "Obviously we know that not everyone's going to like every decision we make, but our fans know we do things for the right reasons."

Ashton: "I always want to know that we're the ones making the choices. This isn't some bullshit story; we're the ones who decide what we do. When we see negative comments, they genuinely get us down, we want fans to understand what decisions we make."


On a more basic level, is it more difficult for you guys to walk down the street now?

Calum: "It is when we're together. We’re all really lanky, and he (points at Michael) has bright red hair."

Ashton: "Michael's the big giveaway."

Michael: "When I had bright pink hair there was literally no hiding."

Luke: "Whenever anyone asks you for a picture though, we always stop."

Ashton: "We know one day no-one will want pictures with us, so it's important to take the time now to do that."


Have you had any crazy experiences with fans yet?

Luke: "We had one in Minneapolis, in the Mall of America. We went in this shop for like five minutes and suddenly we turned around and there was like 200 fans."

Calum: "That was really funny because we saw a few fans there so we decided to split up and I went upstairs and walked past the shop and saw all the fuss and I was like 'Who the fuck's down there?"


So ideally, when will the album come out?

Ashton: "Ideally, halfway through this year. We'd really like to get it out, to have something out, just so people understand the band more. It's really good that we've got a proper EP out now, because we've not put much out."

Luke: "We get the boyband tag a lot, we don't try and fight it, but it doesn't really fit."

Calum: "Long as we're making the music we want to make, what people call us doesn't matter."


Do you have a title for the album yet?

Luke: "Big decision, it's a difficult one. We come up with the names for our tours really quickly, it needs to be spontaneous."

Ashton: "We're on the same page creatively, which is lucky, we know what we want to present."


You've got a big tour lined up in the USA for the summer, what's the plan for after that?

Ashton: "We're going to Australia for some shows, and I'd really like to get to Asia at some point."

Michael: "We'd like to get the album out and go everywhere."


What about festivals? Would you like to play there?

Ashton: "We'd love to, but we have to choose what we do carefully, we're a bit worried people might not think we're cool enough to play festivals. We'll wait until we have our music out there, but we'd love to do something like the Vans Warped Tour."

Calum: "We don't want anyone throwing bottles of urine at us."


Finally, you've got a week of signings this week, what is the strangest thing you've ever had to sign?

Luke: "Middle aged women's boobs."

Calum: "Shoes are awkward. I don't like getting down there."


Have you ever refused to sign anything? We asked Alex from All Time Low and he said he refused to sign a kid's ballsack…

Luke: "I'm not signing a kid's ballsack."

Ashton: "I've refused to sign boobs before."

Michael: "You can't refuse to sign boobs."

Calum: "You can if they're really young."


Have you ever had anyone ask you to sign their arms as they plan to get it tattooed?

Ashton: "I've had that loads, you write super carefully."

Michael: "I hate doing that, my writing's terrible."

Ashton: "It's so flattering that, we see kids with 5 Seconds Of Summer tattoos a lot, it's so amazing that people would do that."

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