March 13, 2014

"We don't want to be a joke band anymore" – talks to Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
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"We don't want to be a joke band anymore" – talks to Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!

On their recent tour of the UK supporting We Came As Romans we caught up with Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! frontman Bertrand 'Bert' Poncet to talk about the band's future plans, their ambitions for the follow-up to 2013's Pardon My French and why they want to cut out screaming from their sound.


How was the tour?

"It was fantastic, it wish it had been longer, we get on really well with We Came As Romans and The Color Morale and it's fantastic to be out with them. Normally on tour you get one or two assholes, but not this time, everybody's got on from the second we started. That's rare."


What does the rest of 2014 have in store for you guys?

"We're going to be touring Europe with Bury Tomorrow in April and then we've got something afterwards, but it's not announced yet, I can say it'll be back in the UK though. Then we've got Warped Tour in the US and then we'll start working on the new album, which hopefully we can do in early 2015."


Do you have much done already? Did you have much leftover from your sessions for your last record?

"We actually had to write new songs for a deluxe edition of Pardon My French, so we've already used all the things that got left behind. The stuff for the new album is going to be a bit different, we want to have a new musical direction, not completely different, bit something new. At the moment our music is heavy and pop at the same time, I think this time we'll make up our mind which one we want to be."


How do you guys write songs? Do you demo on acoustic guitar? Do you write together in a practise room?

"It's basically me on my own. I don't play guitar or anything, but I'm a total musical nerd when it comes to production so I programme everything, drums, guitars, all of it."

"I feel like songs make more sense when they come out of one brain, much as I want the other guys in my band to be involved, but the basis of the song needs to come from one brain."


You're talking about going in a new direction, does that mean you'd like to break out of the cycle you're currently in? Tour with different bands and get out of that niche?

"We want a new image. We want to do something else. Even if we have our own sound, we want to do something more, we want more credibility, we don't want to be the joke band anymore. I can't say too much yet, because there's so much to do, but I'd like to tour with different bands and play to new crowds."


Are there any bands you look to for inspiration in changes of direction?

"Bring Me The Horizon. They went from this deathcore band to being played on the main radio stations all over Europe. I feel like we're looking credibility and to make music that could be heard by everyone. I'm certainly considering giving up on screaming on our next record."


What about producers? Who would you love to do your next album with?

"I would love to work with someone like Chris Lord-Alge (Producer of Nickelback, Paramore and more), a big name, someone who will understand what we want and make us sound awesome."


Are there any records you've heard recently that have inspired you?

"I get inspired by everything. Radio pop, classic music; there are no frontiers in what I listen to. I really like the Issues album, it brings something new. I always thought metalcore was a big cliché, but this is new and different and we need that."


Any French bands you'd recommend for people?

"I recommend Phoenix, they're one of my favourite bands. They are amazing songwriters. You should all go and get everything they've ever made."


Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!'s back catalogue is available for download in our digital store now.

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