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"We get tweeted pictures of lyrics tattooed on fans.." – Krewella
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"We get tweeted pictures of lyrics tattooed on fans.." – Krewella

Chicago trio Krewella have been smashing dubstep, house and drum and bass together since they formed in 2007 and, after a string of successful singles and EPs, last year finally got around to releasing their debut album Get Wet. We caught up with them to find how their year's been, how progress on album number two is going and who their dream collaboration would be...


How has 2014 been for you so far?

“It's been thrilling, full of love, fulfilling, emotional, stressful, and even dream-like at moments. It's quite a mix between a roller coaster ride, comedy, and soap opera changing day to day. There hasn't been a dull or boring moment!”


How have you found the reaction to Get Wet?

“We get tweeted pictures of lyrics from the album tattooed on fans, hear them screaming lyrics at shows, hand made posters and signs in the crowd, and letters and messages describing how our songs have been a soundtrack to someone's life. To us that is a great reaction and we couldn't be happier.”


Many producers and artists in dance/EDM have stuck to releasing singles, why did you decide to put a full-length album out?

“Albums take the listener on a journey. We have so many emotions that we experience every day and we want each song to capture them!”



You worked with Travis Barker and Patrick Stump on the album, how did that come about and what were they like to work with?

“Being in the studio with Patrick Stump for 'Dancing with the Devil' was such a therapy session! We spent about 45 minutes letting everything off our chest, jotting down notes of phrases and one-liners, and Patrick had a magical way of helping us piece all the ideas together. Our Travis Barker relationship was through the email by exchanging stems back and forth- hopefully we'll get to meet him in person someday!”


Who would be your dream collaboration?

“We’d love to work with Linkin Park, Kanye West and System of a Down.”


Have you had the time to work on any new material for the follow-up to Get Wet yet?

"We've been touring nonstop since the release, but we have a few days back in LA here and there- and those are usually spent in the studio catching up on demos. We are so eager to finish this follow-up material- we promise it's in the works!”


Last year you remixed Fall Out Boy, are you working on any remixes at the moment?

“All of our time in the studio right now is dedicated to working on original content.”



What’s the plan for the rest of the year for you? Lots of touring?

“International touring, big festivals (which will be announced soon), working on the second album, and meeting as many fans as we can!!”


Where’s been your favourite place to play shows in your career so far?

“Sweden, South America, our home city Chicago, and Florida”


What are you listening to at the moment? And which up and coming artists would you recommend?

“Grabbitz, Aero Chord, Netsky, Yellow Claw, London Grammar, Bloody Beetroots.”


Krewella’s debut album Get Wet is out now in hmv stores and can be previewed by clicking on the icon on the right-hand side of the page.

Get Wet
Get Wet Krewella
Krewella - Enjoy the Ride

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