March 10, 2014

"We knew we were writing a really heavy record…" – talks to Architects
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"We knew we were writing a really heavy record…" – talks to Architects

As part of Architects' takeover, the band open up to about the making of their new album Lost Forever // Lost Together, recording in Sweden and why they decided against going it alone...


Your new album's out today, how are you feeling ahead of release? Excited? Nervous?

Tom Searle (guitar): "Confident."

Dan Searle (drums): "Definitely, normally at this stage of things there's a few nerves, but not this time, it's a good time for us, a good time to be in the band."


What was the recording of this album like? You went over to Sweden to record this time…

Sam Carter (vocals): "Like any album we make it wasn't a walk in the park. We work very hard in the studio, but it was a great experience this time. The producers who worked on the album Fredrik (Nordström) and Henrik (Udd) were amazing to work with, we worked through the night most of the time and we went full throttle. We pile stress on ourselves really."

Dan: "Absolutely, you only get a shot to make a great record every two or three years, you have to try not to waste that chance."


When did the writing for this record start?

Tom: "It properly kicked off after we toured with Callejon and August Burns Red in Europe last year, so we got started in May time. We had one new song when we did that UK tour in November 2012, but that had been kicking around since the summer. Songs come and go, they get finished, then messed around with, it was happening constantly until we sat down to record it."

Dan: "This was the first album where a month before we went into record, all the music and instrumentation was finished, lyrics were still to be worked out, but that's way ahead of what he normally do, it's normally way more rushed than that. It was strange, we only rehearsed them all together once through, but we all knew exactly what we had to do way ahead of going in."

Sam: "That really helped with the vocals too, doing pre-production, we did a month before at Tom and Dan's house, going through everything. It was easily the most prepared we've been."


How did you do it? Did you all record separately?

Ali Dean (bass): "We started with the drums, then we mixed between guitar, bass and vocals. We were allowed to track ourselves without the engineer there, so we got lots done quite quickly."


Do you need much producing? Or are you all quite disciplined?

Ali: "Quite a lot of times we've push ourselves harder than the producers or engineers would."

Dan: "Henrik did say that we worked harder than almost any other band he's been in the studio with, quite a lot of times they'd go home and we'd carry on working."

Sam: "We wanted to hear the record, we don't want to be in the studio forever, so we were keen to get it finished and ready."


Why did you decide to go to Sweden and record?

Sam: "We'd heard a few records by bands who'd recorded there and we knew it was a great studio. We knew we were writing a really heavy record and we needed to find somewhere we could capture that."

Tom: "Henrik came up to me at a show in Gothenburg and said 'I'll make your guitars sound huge' and I said 'Ok, let's do that'. We'd kind of had the place in mind since Bring Me The Horizon went over there really. It worked out perfectly."


What was Gothenburg like to live and record in?

Dan: "We were in an industrial estate outside the city, so we didn't see too much."

Ali: "Most of the time all we saw was the supermarket down the road and the studio."

Dan: "I think I went into town the most of all of us and that was only two or three times, we went to an Irish bar to go see the football, that was about it. We were there to work."


Lost Forever // Lost Together
Lost Forever // Lost Together Architects

This is the first record you've made with Epitaph, you're a forward thinking band, you produced and distributed your own DVD last year with fan backing, you could have put this record out yourselves, why didn't you?

Dan: "I put that whole DVD thing together and it was a fucking pain! We had 3,000 customers and that was quite enough for me, running a record label is a much bigger operation than that, we were running that out of our house."

Tom: "Our deal with Century Media was up and we spoke to our management and we said that the only label we really wanted to sign to was Epitaph, this was the only label we could all agree we would like to be with, a label with bands like Every Time I Die and Converge we really look up to."


How have you found working with Epitaph Records so far?

Tom: "We've not fallen out with anybody yet, so that's good. That used to be a daily occurrence with our old label. With Epitaph you speak to Brett (Gurewitz – Epitaph owner and Bad Religion guitarist)) and he's able to tell you favourite track of the album, it makes you feel like they really care."

Dan: "We were a bit of an odd one out on Century, there weren't many bands like us, there were lots of symphonic and black metal bands, we stuck out, we were a flagship signing, we were the first UK band they signed since Napalm Death, we were supposed to represent a new direction, but it didn't really work out like that. Epitaph suits us much more."


Do you hope that signing to a US-based label will get you a bigger push out there?

Dan: "Definitely. We've felt a lot more love from Epitaph in America, by the end with Century we felt that there wasn't much passion for us by the end."

Tom: "It's not fair to say that no-one there cared, some people really did, but the majority of people had lost interest by the end."


You're going to be touring for the rest of the year, have you got many festivals lined up?

Sam: "We've got a big European festival run lined up, we're going to be doing Reading and Leeds, which we're really excited about. We're going to do the US before that and then in the later part of the year go to Australia, South East Asia and hopefully South America."


Are you going to go out as a four? Or have some playing live with you?

Ali: "We have a guy who will tour with us, he lives in Vancouver though, so he's not around when we're home."


Are you going to stay as a four? When Tim (Hillier-Brook, former guitarist with the band) left in 2012 you talked about replacing him permanently?

Sam: "Right now, there's no need to decide anything, but we haven't ruled it out."

Tom: "Touring together is what cements you as a band, we don't want to get someone now, do loads of photo shoots that announce 'This is the new guy' and then find out it's not working as soon as you get on tour. How we're doing it now is working."

Dan: "We're not trying to stay as a four, but what we're doing right now is working. We've not really thought it much actually. It worked better in the studio too with Tom tracking two guitar parts, it meant he didn't have to teach someone else all the other parts."

Sam: "It was the best experience we've had of making a record so far, no doubt about it."



Architects are taking over to celebrate the release of their new album Lost Forever // Lost Together, which you can preview by clicking on the icon on the right hand side of the page. To check the rest of the takeover, which includes a track by track, full retrospective and a detailed look at the making of Lost Forever // Lost Together as well as more Top 10s, click here. 



Architects will be meeting fans and signing copies of their new album Lost Forever // Lost Together at:

hmv Brighton - Monday 10th March - 5pm 

hmv Cardiff - Tuesday 11th March - 5pm 

hmv Southampton - Thursday 13th March - 5pm 


We are offering fans the opportunity to download a free track of the single Naysayer from hmvdigital too.

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