November 27, 2013

''We like to stay really close with our fans and let them into our lives as much as possible'' – meets Pierce The Veil
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''We like to stay really close with our fans and let them into our lives as much as possible'' – meets Pierce The Veil

Earlier this month Pierce The Veil took time out of their super-hectic schedule to meet fans at a series of hmv's across the UK. Fans turned out in their thousands to meet the San Diego punk quartet, who signed for hours on end.

Currently touring across Europe as support to Bring Me The Horizon, the band are finishing their world jaunt in support of their new record Collide With The Sky before they head home to California to write album number four. caught up with singer Vic Fuentes after the signings to talk about their plans for their new record, their new DVD This Is A Wasteland and why their fans are the best in the world.


Afternoon Vic, how’s the tour with Bring Me The Horizon been? Have you guys been getting on well?

It’s been an amazing tour. It’s been great to go out with Bring Me The Horizon; those guys are old friends of ours so it’s been great to hang out with them again. We’ve loved being back in the UK; the fans have been great to us again.


Why did you decide to go out with Bring Me The Horizon rather than doing a UK headline run?

When they asked us to do it, it just seemed like a really exciting idea. We knew we could make some awesome shows together and we haven’t had a chance to tour Europe, besides the UK, on this album, so doing the whole of Europe was something we really wanted to do.


How have the crowds responded to you?

It’s been great, especially in the UK, where we have a lot more fans. But the crowds have responded really well and they’ve seemed to be really engaged by our songs.


So is this the last tour you’re going to do in support of Collide With The Sky in the UK?

Yes, after this is done we’re going to go back to San Diego to write and record a new album, so this is the last of the touring for us.


Have you started working on stuff already? Do you write on the road at all?

I don’t really like to write on the road, I’ve found it pretty difficult. I like it a lot better when we’re back home, in our own place and I can spend lots of hours on things rather than an hour here and there.


Is there much material you can go back to? Or do you think you’ll start afresh this time?

I’ll probably start fresh, there’s stuff that didn’t get used on the last record, but I think we used our best stuff so we’ll probably start over.


Collide With The Sky
Collide With The Sky Pierce The Veil

You’ve got the DVD This Is A Wasteland coming out, can you tell us a bit about that?

This year, with the release of the Collide With The Sky record, things have really taken off for us. This record has taken us around the world, to all these crazy countries that we always wanted to go to and we decided that we’d bring a videographer everywhere we went to make sure we captured everything.

We want to show our fans our reactions to the places we’ve gotten to go to and what’s happened along the way, all the stuff we’ve gone through.

We like to stay really close with our fans and let them into our lives as much as possible and this is ultimate way for us to do that.


When you came to do your hmv signings we saw so many fans turn up to see you, do you think you’ve got a special relationship with your fans?

I think we do. I think it’s unique from other bands. We have very passionate fans and I think we get the sense that we know each other. We know it’s a special thing and we don’t take it for granted.


What’s it been like watching that grow over the last few years?

It’s been incredible and it’s amazing that it’s not just in America, wherever we go now we get a great reception. Everyone’s always so welcoming, wherever we are.


Out of interest, on the signing tour, did fans give anything strange to sign?

Yeah, for some reason in the UK fans kept bringing us these weird alien foetuses in jars to sign. That was pretty weird.


That is weird. Is that a reference to anything?

No, they’re just strange toys you get in the UK. It was one of the weirdest things I’ve seen in a while.


Are you planning a break after you finish touring? Or do you want to get on with the writing of the next record?

I think I want to get right to it. Back home we’ve got this new studio space so I’ll need about a week to get set up, but we’ve been touring for so long that I’ve got lots of stuff in my head that I want to get down. I’m really keen to start writing again, I feel like I’ve got so much to get down that I’m almost at boiling point.


Do you have any particular lyrical inspirations this time round?

I write lyrics pretty much constantly as I go, so I keep writing, I’ve got lots down already.


Do you feel like you’re in a very different place, emotionally, this time round?

Yeah, absolutely, I think everyone’s in a different place. We’ve had an amazing year of touring, but we’ve all had bumps along the way. I think this is going to be a unique album, I think it’s going to be very different from the last record and I can’t get wait to get going.


Do you have any producers in mind yet?

I think we’re definitely going to go with Dan Korneff (Tonight Alive, Four Year Strong, Chiodos) who we made Collide With The Sky with. He’s become one of our best friends now and I’ve hung out with him a lot since the record. I think we’ve found something awesome working with him and he’s really pumped to do the new record. I think we can make something even cooler this time.


In an ideal world, when would you like to get it out? Late 2014? Early 2015?

We’re not known for being a band that works very quickly, we don’t like to put deadlines on things, but saying that, we do need some kind of goal or else I’ll spend 10 years on it. Next year would be great, but I think we’ll see how we do.


Finally what have been your favourite records of 2013?

I’ve actually loved that new Paramore record, I’d never really listened to them before, but I love that new album, I think it’s incredible. I also really like the Neighborhood record; I think the Drake’s album great, same with The Weeknd, that record’s really cool.


Pierce The Veil’s album Collide With The Sky is out now. You can also pick a new edition complete with bonus DVD This Is A Wasteland in store.

Pierce The Veil - King for a Day ft. Kellin Quinn

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