March 6, 2014

"We'll play anywhere, as long as it's safe enough..." - talks to We Came As Romans
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"We'll play anywhere, as long as it's safe enough..." - talks to We Came As Romans

Before they headlined a packed out Islington Academy on Sunday night, we chatted with rising metalcore stars We Came As Romans about their plans for their fourth studio album and their hopes for the rest of 2014. 


You've just finished a big UK tour with Chunk! No Captain Chunk! and The Color Morale, how was it?

David (Stephens, unclean vocals): "It's been awesome, a short run with a bunch of friends, we've had great shows and we've got running jokes with all the bands, it's been a great thing to be part of."


You toured with a similar line-up of bands in America, have you been able to pick things up where you left off in the States?

Kyle (Pavone, clean vocals): "We had the opportunity to do to this tour and this package had proved to be really successful in the US so we thought it made total sense to bring it over here too."


Your new album Tracing Back Roots has been out for a while, but some of the tracks must still feel new to some fans, how have they been going down live?

David: "It's been awesome, our fans have been so receptive, if anything they seem to want more new stuff, that hasn't happened with us before, fans seemed hooked on the older stuff, but this time as they want to do is stuff from Tracing Back Roots."


How hard is it for your guys to pick a live setlist now?

Kyle: "It's pretty tricky, but we tend to favour the stuff from Tracing Back Roots."

David: "I remember back when we were starting out, we had literally five songs, that's all we could play. Then we did 'To Plant A Seed' and suddenly we had 14 songs, now, with three records, it's actually tough to pick a good setlist, you're always letting someone down."


The album's a year old now, are you starting to think about your next record?

David: "We're still in the brainstorming phase. We're still talking about when we want to do it, we have a few ideas, nothing more than that."


Can you write on tour? Or is that a bit difficult for you as a band?

David: "Joshua (Moore, guitarist) does a bit of that, the way it normally works is he will write the structure of the song and then pass it to us and we add to it. That process is in the beginning stages."


What about lyrics? Do you guys get to contribute much?

David: "Josh is the primary lyricist, we all sit down and have coffee and come up with ideas sometimes, but he's the one with the amazing vocabulary. Kyle and I contribute, but we just throw at words at him and he gets it down."


Do you think on the next record you'll be more involved?

David: "We'll try to, but Josh is just than us, we try and we know practise makes perfect so hopefully we'll get to be a little more involved."


So what's the plan for the rest of the year for We Came As Romans?

Kyle: "Right after this tour finishes we're going out on the road with Asking Alexandria and August Burns Red, which is going to be phenomenal. That lasts for a month, then we've got a bit of a break and then we start a three-month, one and off festival run across Europe. We're back here for Download and we're stoked about that."


Have you got stuff lined up for autumn?

David: "We're pretty booked until the end of the year, it's just not all been announced yet, we'll be on the road."


Are there any places in the world you've not been to yet that you'd love to?

David: "We'd love to go to South Africa, apparently it's possible and there's a market there for us to we'd love to make that happen. We just need someone to bring us over. We'll play anywhere, as long as it's safe enough."


Finally, what have you been listening to on tour?

David: "The new Architects, it's so sick."

Kyle: "That Bring Me The Horizon record, it's so good, UK bands are killing it right now."


We Came As Romans' new album Tracing Back Roots is out now and can be previewed by clicking on the icon on the right hand side of the page. You can check out the rest of their back catalogue here.

Tracing Back Roots
Tracing Back Roots We Came As Romans
We Came As Romans "Hope" Official Music Video

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