May 14, 2014

"We're a new different band now" – talks to Sabaton
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"We're a new different band now" – talks to Sabaton

Swedish power metallers Sabaton don't do things the easy way. They record tracks inspired only by war, great battles, small feats of heroism, all aspects of history's great conflicts. So far they've created seven studio albums, each bloodier in its lyrical reach than the last.

This time around they're focusing on the heroes of war, dedicating each song to a hero from one of history's most famous battles. We called up bassist Pär Sundström to find out all their new record…


Are you nervous about releasing Heroes? This is your first album with new guitarists Chris Rörland and Thobbe Englund…

"I am no longer nervous. I think this record takes Sabaton a few steps up, we've had some line-up changes and it is the first time they will be on an album so fans have been asking us how this will change things. We were afraid people might say 'It was better before', but reactions have been good so I'm just excited now."


How did recording with the new line-up change how you recorded?

"It was very different, we're a new different band now. We had more time to make this album, we spent longer on this, there's a lot more to this album. It was also our first time recording in Sweden, which we enjoyed doing a lot."


Why did you decide to focus on individuals rather than large battles this time?

"We have been writing about historical things for a long time now, it's the most exciting topic for us. Normally we focus on big battles, but this time we wanted to zoom in on the people in the battles and that's how we came up with Heroes."


What inspired that decision?

"When we did 'Coat Of Arms', we focused mainly on the big battles, but we also did a song about Simo Häyhä (an extremely skilled Finnish sniper) and we zoomed in on him and we thought that was really cool."


How was the music written?

"Joakim (Brodén, vocals) is our main songwriter, he comes up with the idea and we go from there. Normally he will produce a demo and we go from there, but this time he invited others into the process a lot more and which was pretty exciting. I think in the future there will be more of that. The new guys in the band are strong writers and I think they will be able to contribute a lot."


You worked with Peter Tägtgren, as you have on the last two albums, what does he give you as a producer?

"Peter is a long-term friend of the band, he's always been there for us, he knows how we work, he can push us on, he gets so much out of us."


What's the plan for after the album comes out? Do you have lots of touring lined up?

"Yes we do. We have just been in America, then we will be in Europe doing festivals, including Download and then after that it is constant touring, including more shows in the UK later on."


Sabaton's new album Heroes is out next Monday (May 19th) and can be pre-ordered from hmv stores now.

You can also check out their back catalogue in our digital store now. 


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