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"We've gone from our darkest place to the most refreshed and energized we’ve ever been..." - talks to NEEDTOBREATHE
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"We've gone from our darkest place to the most refreshed and energized we’ve ever been..." - talks to NEEDTOBREATHE

As their most successful year to date draws to a close, we chat to South Carolina rockers NEEDTOBREATHE's Bo Rinehart about their tour in support of new album Rivers In The Wasteland (which you can preview on the right of the page), their plans for 2015 and their forthcoming live album...


How’s 2014 been for you?

“It’s a little unreal how quickly 2014 is coming to end already.  There were a lot of ‘firsts’ in 2014 so we consider ourselves fortunate to be able to cross a lot of things off of our bucket list after having gone from probably our the darkest place we’ve been in as a band to now, the most refreshed and energized we’ve ever been.”


How have you found the reaction to Rivers In The Wasteland?

“We’re lucky to have very supportive fans and we strive to continue spreading our music to new listeners.  We’ve never been about focusing on the numbers or reaching “commercial success” so we try to tune out whatever negativity might exist and not let any of it affect us.  So far, I’d say people have been enjoying the direction of this album.”


How has the touring been? Have you enjoyed playing the new tracks live?

“Touring continues to be one of our favourite things to do.  Over the past 5 years, I’d say we played over 200 shows a year so it’s always a fun challenge for us to switch things up and try to rework some older songs so they sound fresh and new.  We can’t wait for our fans overseas to hear it for the first time."


What’s been your favourite gig this year?

"Not sure if this is the favourite but Hangout Fest was a pretty memorable one.  I’d say it was the best festival we’ve ever played.  Playing on the beach is always a blast."


Have you made a start on any new material yet? Or do you find it hard to write while on tour?

"I think we are always constantly collecting ideas. Now that we are in this great space, the ideas are flowing and there’s more of a cooperative vs. competitive nature to the creative process, which has proven to be really productive and fun."


What have you got planned for 2015?

"A couple of really exciting things are already in the works! A live album from the Rivers In The Wasteland Tour, we’re heading to Australia in February, and of course, returning to the UK in May.  Looking forward to seeing you guys again soon."


Finally, what have been some of your favourite albums of the year? Anything stand out?

"This one isn’t from 2014 but it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t say something about Foy Vance and his incredible album, Joy Of Nothing. He opened up the first leg of our tour this year and he’s with us for several dates on this acoustic tour. That record has definitely gotten a lot of plays on our tour bus."

Rivers In The Wasteland
Rivers In The Wasteland NEEDTOBREATHE
NEEDTOBREATHE - "Multiplied" (Official Video)

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