February 25, 2014

"We've got a good six or seven months of solid touring left in us, but we've all been writing quite a bit…" – hmv.com talks to Trivium
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"We've got a good six or seven months of solid touring left in us, but we've all been writing quite a bit…" – hmv.com talks to Trivium

Earlier this month we sat down with Trivium's Paolo Gregoletto to find out how they were getting on touring their new record Vengeance Falls (which you can preview by clicking on the icon on the right hand side of the page and their plans to celebrate 10 years of their breakthrough album Ascendancy.


So where are you in the touring cycle right now?

"Kind of in the middle. This is the first time we've been in the UK since the album came out, we've got a good six or seven months of solid touring left in us."

"For 2015, we need to decide to what's left to tour, whether we start on a new album or focus on some 10th anniversary stuff for Ascendancy. That's floating around."


Are you keen to explore the possibility of doing some 10th anniversary dates for Ascendancy?

"For sure, we've all talked about it. Actually on my first tour with Trivium we opened for Machine Head and they did a show in Philadelphia to celebrate 10 years of Burn My Eyes. They played 10 years to the day the record came out and that was really special, I'd like to do something like that. Once we know when we can fit in recording, we'll work it out, we'll definitely do something for it."


Does it feel like it's been 10 years?

"No, god no. But it'll be cool to celebrate it and have some fun. It’s also something we're thinking about for our Download set this year, it's been nine years since we did that show and I think we'll make it the main part of our set. We love playing those songs and it was a great time for the band."


How have the new songs been doing live?

"Really well. We've been playing 'Strife' and 'Brave This Storm' and we've been adding more, we wanted to make sure this album translates live and it has, it's been fun to play."


Have you made a start on new songs yet? Or just a few new riffs?

"Yeah, we've all been writing quite a bit. Over the break I know we all wrote a whole lot of stuff, we'll keeping writing over the next year and then bring it all together for the record. We usually work better when we're all working towards a big concept or idea, so we'll need to figure that out."


Can you write on the road? Do you find the time?

"A lot of the last album was written on the road actually. We worked on laptops, this time I've got this iPad setup and it's really good. It's like taking notes all the time."


You've got some dates in South Africa lined up, your first shows there, is it strange to still be touring places for the first time?

"We've been touring for nine years so it's crazy to still be going to new places, but we've had so many messages from kids in South Africa so we've excited to finally play for them."


Is there anywhere you're still yet to tour where you'd really like to?

"I'd love to play India and quite a few of the countries in South East Asia, we'd like to play China, we'd like to play the Middle East, our music transcends every religion and culture, we'll play wherever we can."


Finally, what were some of your favourite albums of last year?

"I loved the new Amon Amarth record, they're this great band, they're like a death metal Iron Maiden. I like the After The Burial record, I like all sorts of records. I'm not too into country, except Johnny Cash, he's great. I like quite a lot of big pops records too, I love the Lorde album, it totally knocked me out."


Trivium's new album Vengeance Falls is out now in stores and available for download here.

Vengeance Falls
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