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“We wanted the album to be the ultimate pick and mix” – talks to Neon Jungle.
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“We wanted the album to be the ultimate pick and mix” – talks to Neon Jungle.

As their debut album Welcome To The Jungle comes out (you can preview it on the right-hand side of the page), we chatted with rising girl band Neon Jungle to find out all about the album's making, keeping their music varied and why they're hoping they don't have to sign any animals on their hmv signing tour this week..


Your album’s out today, how are you feeling? Nervous? Excited? 

Shereen (Cutkelvin): “We’re nervous and excited, so much at once, it’s our first album, so more excited than anything.”


How long did it take you to make the album?

Jess (Plummer): “We’ve been in the studio pretty much since day one, since the day we came together, so that makes it about a year in all.”


What’s the oldest song on the album? What was the first one you recorded together?

Amira (McCarthy): “’Trouble!’, that was the first one. We’ve pretty much done it in order of our singles.”



Does that mean you kept adding to it throughout the year?

Shereen: “We were in the studio a lot, every day for quite a while, we worked really hard to get it right.”


Did you get a chance to have much input on the tracks that were chosen? Or did you leave that up to the label?

Shereen: “We were supposed to do writing sessions for the album, but we didn’t have enough time because we were so busy. Next time though, next time we really want to.”


Was that a shame? You must have wanted to…

Amira: “It was and it wasn’t. Once ‘Trouble’ came out and the ball was rolling, we knew we wanted to push on quickly and put our mark down.”


Did you have lots to choose from? You must have been offered quite a few tracks…

Asami: “We must have recorded 50 songs and then picked out which ones we wanted from that. There wasn’t any arguing about them really, we all know what direction we want Neon Jungle to go in. We all agreed on the album’s track list.”



What were your biggest hopes for the album?

Shereen: “We wanted a variation of sounds to reflect everything that Neon Jungle is, a real mixture.”


What did you want the album to sound like? Was there a style you particularly like? Did you want it to be more pop? Or R’n’B?

Jess: “We’ve grown up in different places in the world, we all bring so much, we won’t be confined to genres, we want everything to be on there. We wanted the album to be the ultimate pick and mix.”


How busy are you for the rest of the year?

Asami: “We’re really busy. We’ve got commitments lined up all over Europe, and then the States and Australia. We just want to get to as many places as we can and get the word out. You’ll be seeing a lot of us.”


Is there anywhere in the world you’re really forward to going?

Asami (Zdrenka): “I can’t wait to get to Japan, I was born there and the fans out there have always been super-supportive, right from the beginning.”


What’s the strangest thing you’ve been asked to sign?

Shereen: “Body parts. I’m always like ‘I don’t really want to put ink on your body, but okay’."

Amira: “If someone’s not got any paper or anything and they’re happy for you to sign a body part, you have to don’t you?”


Is there anything you wouldn’t sign?

Jess: “Maybe not someone’s baby, or an animal, I don’t think we’d sign an animal, that would be a bit mean…”


Neon Jungle will be performing a live acoustic & signing copies of their debut album Welcome To The Jungle at:

hmv Glasgow Argyle Street - July 28th 

hmv Manchester - July 29th

hmv Sheffield High Street - July 30th

hmv Newcastle - July 31st

hmv Milton Keynes - August 1st

You can find more details about the signings here. 


You can also win a chance to have lunch with Neon Jungle on August 5th by entering purehmv's competition. Find more details here. 

Welcome to the Jungle
Welcome to the Jungle Neon Jungle
Neon Jungle - Welcome to the Jungle (Official Video)

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