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“We wanted to make it more personal, we wanted to change our sound…” - talks to Little Mix
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“We wanted to make it more personal, we wanted to change our sound…” - talks to Little Mix

As they return with their new album Get Weird (you can preview and purchase it on the right-hand side of the page), an album full of pop bangers including hit single ‘Black Magic’ and ‘Love Me Like You’, we sat down for a chat with Little Mix about experimenting with new sounds and why they think everyone’s weird...


Your new album is out today, are you nervous or excited for people to hear it?

Jesy (Nelson): “We’re so excited, we’ve had this album ready for so long, it’s our best album yet and we’re just itching for people to hear it.”


When did you start on it?

Perrie (Edwards): “Ages ago, it was during the Salute tour, I think ‘I Love You’ was the first song we wrote and after that it was a full year of work, we wanted to take our time on this album. We wrote hundreds of songs, I think we’ve got another album in there, we had that many songs.”


How did you want this album to be different from your first two?

Jesy: “We wanted to make it more personal, we wanted to change our sound, we wanted to try things we’ve never done before, it was hard though, really hard, it’s the hardest thing we’ve ever done.”


How did you find picking the songs for the album? Sounds like you had a lot to choose from, did you disagree on any of the selections?

Jade (Thirlwall): “You get a feel for it, you realise which songs fit and which don’t.”

Jesy: “Sometimes we disagree on what songs should go on, but not often.”

Leigh-Anne (Pinnock): “I think this album was the first album where we all agreed pretty much straight away. We were all behind this change of direction.”


Can you sum up the change of direction? Who were the key influences?

Jesy: “This is straight down the line pop. Salute was very R’N’B and 90s, this is more classic 80s pop, cool pop. Prince, Madonna, Tiffany, all those big party tunes.”


Was there a song in the process that let you know you were on the right track?

All: “‘Black Magic’!”

Jade: “When we heard that back we knew it was a smash, it gave us a big boost of confidence.”

Leigh-Anne: “After that we knew every song had to be strong, we wanted to make an album where every song could be a single.”


Is there a song on the album that was really hard to get right?

Jesy: “Not so much a song, sometimes we will disagree with our label and that’s really hard. We trust what they say, but we know we have to go with our hearts as well, that clash is the hardest part.”


What’s the song you’re most looking forward to playing live?

Perrie: “‘Lightning’ and ‘Grown’, they’re going to be amazing when we take them out to people.”


Is there a lyrical thread that unites the album at all?

Jesy: “I think it’s very diverse, so much going on. Very honest.”

Jade: “I think it’s cheekier, we’re getting a bit older so we feel like we’ve got that much more to talk about.”


When did you settle on the name Get Weird for the album?

Jade: “It was the first name we came up with for the album and then we went all around the houses and came up with loads of other ideas and then came right back to Get Weird.”

Perrie: “It’s about letting loose, having fun and just being yourself.”

Jesy: “It’s about you, you’re weird, we all are, embrace it. Be weird with us…”


Were there any other titles?

Leigh-Anne: “There were loads of witchy ones, all of which we came up with right after ‘Black Magic’ and then realised it was the only song on the album that was related to magic.”

Jesy: “There were some film titley ones, Once Upon A Time, that kind of thing.”

Jade: “We thought about Grown, but then someone at the label pointed out it sounded a bit like ‘Groan’...”


Finally, do you feel like there’s more of you on this album?

Jesy: “Definitely. We’ve grown up and we’re much more confident about who we are now, I think everyone will be able to hear that on the album.”

Little Mix’s new album Get Weird is out now.

Get Weird
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