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"You should expect some ballads..." - Fifth Harmony tell us about their plans for their debut album Reflection
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"You should expect some ballads..." - Fifth Harmony tell us about their plans for their debut album Reflection

After the success of their debut single 'BO$$' and their debut UK apperance on the X-Factor earlier this month, 2015 looks like it's going to be quite the year for girlband Fifth Harmony. 

We caught up with them to talk about their favourite female role models, their plans for their debut album Reflection and their touring schedule...


How do you look back on 2014? It must have been quite the year for you…

Ally (Brooke): "It has been such an amazing year! I believe its December already- time flies! We’ve been really blessed this year!"


Your new single Bo$$ namechecks Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey, are they your favourite bosses? Or do their names just rhyme where they need to?

Normani (Hamilton): "They are both such great role models for young women, of course they’re our favourite! They’re inspiring and are two of the best examples of exactly what the song represents."


Your debut album Reflection is due out early next year, what can you tell us about it?

Lauren (Jauregei): "It’s definitely a bold new chapter for us. There are some more emotional songs on the album. We’re growing up and the album reflects that. We got to work with some great producers, so we’re really excited for people to finally hear it!"



So far we’ve heard 'Bo$$' and 'Sledgehammer', are they a good indication of what we can expect from the album?

Camila (Cabelo): "Yes, in the sense that you will hear some strong anthems - things that will make you want to sing out at the top of your lungs. But I think this album is like us as individuals- it’s very eclectic. You should expect some ballads and deeper topics as well."


Are there any guests on the album?

Dinah (Hansen): "Possibly, but you’ll have to wait and see!"


What artists have inspired the album?

Lauren: "I don’t know if certain artists necessarily, but we all listen to a variety of music genres and I think that factor was inspiring. A lot of artists are breaking the genre barriers. We listen to a lot of pop/indie/r&b sounds in general and pulled inspiration from that to make it all something of our own."


How do you want it to move on from the sound we heard on Better Together?

Ally: "We’re all growing up and we hope this album shows that. We’ve experienced so much since that album and we tried to push ourselves out of our comfort zone a bit this time."


Why did you settle on the title of Reflection?

Dinah: "Like Ally said, the album is a reflection of who we are now and it really gives fans a look into how we’ve grown since our EP.  Also, that is our favourite song on the album!"



Is there a big variation in what the five of you listen to? Or do you have broadly similar tastes in music?

Camila: "We all listen to a variety of genres, but we are often drawn to some of the same artists. I love discovering new emerging artists and sharing them with the other girls (and vice-versus)."


What are your plans for taking the record out on tour?

Normani: "We’re definitely excited to take the record out on the road soon! We can’t wait to finally share it with Harmonizers!"


You’ve been over in the UK recently, are you planning to come back here again in 2015?

Ally: "Definitely! Our trip to London was so magical! We cannot wait until we get to go back there."


Fifth Harmony's new single BO$$ is available here in our digital store. 

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